Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gyradiko for Lunch


Gyradiko started popping up on my Instagram feed and every photo that people uploaded of the food simply looked jaw droppingly irresistible. I love gyros wraps. I love chips. Gyros wraps with chips INSIDE the wrap?!?!? Genius!

I don't find myself at James Street much and when we went there last Saturday, I was reminded of why. Parking is such a pain. Marc and I bickered non-stop as we each thought we had a better idea about where to go.

Once we finally managed to score a parking spot, we located Gyradiko without much drama. It's decent-sized for what is essentially a takeaway shop. There was a line but it moved fast. Marc and I ate there at one of their many outside tables but I noticed most people grabbed their wraps and left.

Menu items include gyros with either chicken or pork and a variety of sides. The feta chips caught my eye so I knew I had to try that. The fact that we were having chips as part of our wrap as well as on the side didn't even seem excessive to me at the time.

Chicken gyros with chips

Food was ready quite quickly. The wraps are fresh and generously filled. We thought the meat was tender and nicely charred with a tasty marinade. The chips were golden and crunchy. I loved the actual wrap itself because it was soft and pliable with a homemade rustic quality. A yoghurt dressing kept everything moist.

Pork gyros with feta chips

Marc was unsure about the feta with fries but as someone who loves feta, I thought it was a great idea. It's a soft type of feta that you can easily dip your chip into. It gave the chips an extra oomph of flavour and saltiness.

I can definitely see why Gyradiko is so popular. The food is simple but done well and it's comforting and delicious. It's the kind of thing I would crave after a big night of drinking but not so decadent that it couldn't be a regular weekly lunch treat. As a lamb-lover, I wish they had a lamb option but the meats we tried were both quite good.
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  1. I have to agree with the chips! We often get their chips for afternoon snacks..and they are exactly what we expect good chips to be. Every. Time.