Monday, October 19, 2015

Ponycat for Breakfast

693 Brunswick Street, New Farm

I hit the ground running at work after our holidays finished and it was work, work, work for the first fortnight or so. Gradually things eased off a bit and I had myself some free days to rest and explore. On one of these occasions, I headed to New Farm for brunch. A long, long time ago (I'm talking years) I had tried to visit Ponycat with a friend but it was full and we didn't want to wait. That was on a weekend and we all know how competitive inner-city cafes can be for weekend brunch.

This time, I was there on a weekday and there wasn't any trouble getting a table at all. The cafe is small but I noticed a lot of the patrons ordering takeaway. I requested a soy latte upon seating and then started to peruse the menu.

Soy latte

My soy latte was excellent. It was smallish but super intense so this one serve was more than enough to keep me going for the rest of the day.

The menu at Ponycat contains fairly standard cafe dishes without too many surprises. I prefer that sometimes because whilst it's exciting seeing something unique and unconventional on the menu, sometimes you just feel like avocado on toast or baked beans.

Green mountain - sauteed baby spinach, grilled tomato,  haloumi, avocado, poached egg, rocket pesto and balsamic glaze on wheat sourdough

I ordered the 'green mountain' because occasionally I like to pretend I'm healthy and ordering something with 'green' in the description is enough to fool my mind into thinking I'm good. This dish comprised of grilled haloumi, fresh avocado, roast tomato and rocket on toasted sourdough bread. What made it truly delicious was the addition of pesto and drizzle of tangy balsamic. This brought all the flavours together. I very much enjoyed this meal.

Service at Ponycat was efficient and friendly. If I lived in the area I could definitely see myself popping here often. The menu is simple enough to go back to on a regular basis but still interesting enough to make it worth leaving home.

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