Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Breakfast at Morning After

Morning After Espresso and Eats

It's just my luck that seemingly, once I left West End, it becomes the suburb to sprout dozens of new dining establishments. Morning After opened almost immediately after we moved away. I saw mentions of it everywhere online and made a special trip back to the old hood to try it.

Jenny and I met up for breakfast on a Sunday. For whatever reason, I was awake and active super early that morning and when we got there, most other cafes etc were closed and Morning After was buzzing. By the time we had finished, there were queues for tables. I appreciate that this place is relatively new and very busy in the weekend rush but the service felt efficient and organised.

We ordered coffee and drinks to start with as well as a breakfast item each. I drink coffee a lot but I'm by no means a coffee expert so I was stumped when the waitress asked me which blend I preferred. Luckily she could tell I had no idea what I was talking about and explained one tasted stronger than the other. I picked that one. Just don't ask me what it was called.

For food, I ordered the smashed avocado on toast and Jenny tried the corn pakora. Both our dishes were served with an abundance of avocado, which is noteable considering the 'great avocado shortage' of late with prices of avocados jumping massively and many other cafes taking it off their menu.

Smashed avocado on multigrain - with garden peas, buffalo ricotta and lime

My avo on toast was beautifully garnished with thinly sliced radish, peas and buffalo ricotta. I've never had peas with avocado before but the juicy bursts of sweetness they offered really added to the dish.

Sweet corn pakora - with fried egg, haloumi, avocado, smoked corn and watercress

Jenny's corn fritters was an elaborate spread of the fritters themselves, fresh avocado chunks, fried egg (well done, as requested), haloumi and a grilled corn cob. This is a great healthy yet hearty vegetarian breakfast option. I would love something like this after a big night as opposed to the usual greasy and regretful bacon options. Haloumi is always a win!

I thought Morning After was a great addition to the West End breakfast scene. Living there, I assumed there were plenty of breakfast options but maybe back then I didn't get up early enough on a Sunday because there's a distinct lack of places you can go to if you're hungry by 8am on the 7th day of the week. The lazy person in all of us wonders if there is even a need for places to be open that early but judging by how busy Morning After was when we got there, there most certainly is. We enjoyed the food and drink. I haven't mentioned already but Jenny commented several times how much she liked the decor. It is clean, white and fresh with green and wood accents that adds to a very inviting overall look. Best of all, despite the busyness of the venue, the staff did a good job of making us feel looked after.
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