Friday, February 19, 2016

Dinner at Full Moon Bar and Restaurant

Full Moon Bar and Restaurant
178 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley

I'm getting to that ripe old age where I almost never leave the house unless there's a social event on that someone else organised. If you're wondering how this blog got so boring all of a sudden, that's why! Luckily I had a party to attend a couple of weekends ago that fulfilled my dose of social activity for this month. Brothers Garthritis and Knobles (often mentioned on this blog) had a joint birthday dinner at Full Moon Bar and Restaurant. Prior to this event, I didn't even know this place existed but it turned out to be quite a fun discovery.

Our group took up a whole row of tables by the left wall of the mezzanine level. By the end of the night we were the only ones up there and it felt like we had private function hire. That was pretty cool.

This place is equal parts a bar and restaurant so there is a healthy emphasis on party drinks. Many of the guys at our table ordered beer towers. They were huge but somehow all got finished. I focused on cocktails and eventually we progressed to shots (so tasty!)

In terms of food, Full Moon offers Thai-style dishes. Many of our group went with the banquet option for ease. Myself, Jenny and Jaws hand-selected dishes to share. We went with a couple of starters and a number of mains. It ended up being too much food.

Vietnamese crab spring rolls

To start with we had some crab spring rolls. These were wrapped in a flakey, crunchy pastry and tasted great but we all agreed we couldn't detect the crab.

Red duck curry

Our duck curry and crying tiger beef salad were brought out next. The duck curry sauce was so good, it was practically drinkable. The duck pieces themselves were sparse slightly tough.

Crying tiger beef salad (and serve of coconut rice on the side)

I liked the degree of spiciness in our salad. I call it salad because that's how it was referred to on the menu but it was really just a slab of grilled beef strips with a spicy dipping sauce and some herb garnish. It's the kind of "salad" even boys can enjoy.

Grilled pork skewers

We were worried we hadn't ordered enough so we asked for some pork skewers and ribs. The pork skewers were petite and juicy and served with the same sauce the beef salad was.

Glazed ribs

Our waiter warned us that the ribs was a large serve. It really was... between the three of us we couldn't finish our serve (keeping in mind we had eaten a lot already). They were very tender and flavoursome and accompanied by a couple of dipping sauces. I wish I had more stomach space so I could fit more in.

We thought Full Moon Bar and Restaurant worked excellently as a party venue. The huge selection of food and drink means there's something for everyone. I liked that the place felt fun and casual. As a big group, I'm sure we were a nightmare for the management to deal with but our waiter (Daniel) was incredible and dishes/drinks all came out promptly. Excellent service standards all round.
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