Friday, March 6, 2009

The Chill Bar

The Chill Bar

I cannot truly remember where I first heard about this place - possibly a local Eastside paper. I only know that I'd been wanting to go for some time.

Since I've moved from Carindale, it's less convenient for me to head all the way over to Bulimba. That's a shame because it's an awesome suburb. Bulimba is rocking the boutique village thing and I totally dig that.

One fine day, it just so happened that I had business in the East and I thought it was about time I could check out Chill Bar. Off we went.
No booking was made but we were early and there were tables. It was decided that we'd share 3 tapas and bread. I insisted on a cocktail too... because I like cocktails and because they sounded heavenly.

Our waitress was really friendly but admitted she was new. She forgot our orders twice but had a lovely personality/attitude so it was instantly forgiven.

Cherry Ripe Cocktail
Jungle Juice

Drinks came first - we had chosen a Cherry Ripe cocktail and a Jungle Juice. The cocktail tasted good albeit slightly too alcoholic for my liking but I personally preferred the Jungle Juice. This is a non-alcoholic fruit juice mix - no idea what they put in it but there was a hint of ginger and I loved it.

Trio of tapas

The tapas set and bread came out at around the same time. I must say - presentation
was fantastic. It was one of those situations where you feel like it's almost a shame to touch the food because it looked so good.
Grilled chorizo and haloumi

Coconut prawns with rice

Spanish lamb skewers

We went for the grilled chorizo & haloumi, coconut prawns and Spanish lamb skewers. I thought everything tasted fantastic - though the chorizo and haloumi was my favorite. It's important for tapas to be decently intricate and go a bit further than something like 'spring rolls'. Each plate at Chill Bar was like a miniature entree plate on its own.

Turkish bread
3 types of dip

The Turkish bread with trio of dips was also quite tasty. This 'should' go without saying but there was a perfect bread:dip ratio and surprisingly, there are actually a lot of restaurants that fail here. I find it super frustrating when you're out of dip well before you're out of bread.

All in all, this was a great dining experience. I liked the ambience of the place, the staff and most importantly, the food. Tapas are my new 'it' thing so anywhere that carries a decent selection is right up there in my good books.

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