Monday, March 9, 2009

Dragon Lake

Dragon Lake
1898 Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt

I vaguely remember going to a Chinese restaurant on Logan Rd many million years ago when my mum and I were waiting for her car to get serviced. This may or may not be the same restaurant but.. nonetheless.

It's super awesome going to an Asian restaurant when you have a decent group of friends because you can amp up the variety and all share a selection of dishes. Banquet-style feasts are the win.

A group of us are planning to road trip to Sydney for the Easter break and so we decided to discuss details and logistics over a nice meal.

Charlie for some reason insisted we park at the McDonalds across the road (not knowing that they actually have customer parking) and we trekked over. My first impression was OMGN THEY ARE SO BUSY because people were flooded outside the front door.

Thankfully, due to 'connections', we got a table and were able to start ordering ASAP (at the time, this was very important because I was on the verge of starving to death).

Entrees were dished out first and we had prawn toast and shredded duck hofun to share.
Prawn toast

Although I'm 100% Chinese, I never say no to supposedly 'Australian-ised' Chinese food. That includes prawn toast. I've never seen it in China but boy does it taste good. This one was very crunchy and had a lovely, intense prawn-flavor.
Hofun with shredded duck

The hofun was a strange dish to me. I was imagining those cold slabs of wide rice noodle with Vietnamese sauce, as is usual. However, this one had shredded duck and sesame. I really liked the mix of flavors and kept hogging the dish to myself. Whilst everyone else was saving room for mains, I kept picking at the plate :D.

After a short break to reset our tummies, the mains came out. We ordered a soy-braised pork and bok choi, crispy duck with sweet dipping sauce, steamed tofu and vegetables, lamb curry and stir-fried greens.

Soy-braised pork with bok choi

Stir-fried greens

Crispy skin duck with sweet dipping sauce

I was extremely impressed with how crispy the duck was! I requested the duck specifically & I feel extra proud that it turned out so good.
Malaysian lamb curry

Even when I was full, I kept filling up on curry. You probably know by now that I'm addicted to curry but that doesn't mean any old curry will do. The consistency, creaminess and spices are all-important factors and I found this curry extremely more-ish. I think it's Malaysian in influence but don't quote me there.

Steamed tofu with vegetables

The tofu dish also got a hearty reception and it was one of the first plates to empty up. It's nice when you have a healthy dish at the table that you don't have to feel guilty about topping up on.

Service was friendly and speedy and I'll definitely be going back.

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  1. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you and the boys liked the food. =)

    P.S. the tofu is homemade and it's then deep friend, hence the golden coating. Served with a clear seafood broth