Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brisbane City Farmers Market

Jan Power's Farmers Market

I was way excited when my friend (a Brisbane CBD resident) told me there'd be a farmers market in Brisbane City. Though I don't live around there myself, I go to uni in the CBD and Queens Street is like a second home. This was all a while ago so now, as I'm writing in July, the Jan Power's Farmers market has been happening for quite some time.

Every Wednesday, head to Brisbane square (top of Queen Street) and you'll see all the stalls set up. There's a great selection and every time that I've been, there's always a new stall that wasn't there previously, or that I happened to miss.

The market has stalls with organic produce, gourmet meat, breads, cakes and many offerings of cooked food. I've walked through a couple of times in the past but always tentatively observing the action from the background. Last night, I had no dinner plans so I thought I'd fix myself something from the market.

The original intention was to get spinach and make my own spinach soup but I spotted a vender selling Greek spinach pie so I convinced myself that it was the same thing. I purchased a slice of pie and a huge punnet of strawberries.

Farm fresh strawberries

I started munching on the strawberries whilst waiting for the bus home (peak hour traffic does terrible things to bus punctuality). They were DIVINE. I'm not sure if the stall will be in the same place every week but when I went, they were facing George Street. I've never had such awesome strawberries before - each one was plump and tender. Juicy and sweet. I messaged Charlie proclaiming that these strawberries were 'better than chocolate' and I meant it!

I stopped myself from inhaling the whole lot (with great difficulty) and saved the remaining amount for home. Let me tell you now - a punnet of these strawberries in front of your computer will make study that much more enjoyable.

Greek spinach pie

As for the pie... I Googled 'Greek spinach pie' and found out that it's called Spanakopita. Rather than doing the lazy thing and banging the slice into my microwave, I popped it into the oven. As a result, the top got a bit burnt but at least it was crunchy!

My verdict for the pie is: YUM. Crunchy filo pastry with layers of spinach, feta, rice and onion - it is packed with flavor and very, very satisfying.

Can't wait to see what the market has on offer next week.


  1. Hi.. I read that you are a UQ student, so why would you be at the CBD for uni... are you doing dentistry?

    Anyway, the market is pretty awesome, especially because of all the freebies they give out muahaha! Their brownies are really nice, chocolatey gooey and super moist..

  2. Hi Bonnie, yes I'm doing dentistry ATM. I think I know the brownies you're talking about - the father and son make them? They were featured in a newspaper too. I walked past once and they were giving out samples. So good.