Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Meals

Dinner with the Parents
Guest Chefs

I dug up some photos from a few weeks back when my parents decided to cook up a feast for me. My memory is a bit hazy but I THINK the occasion was uni-related so possibly, end of exams.

It was during the cooler Winter days and we had just tried the lamb hot pot from Newway a week before. Dad figured he could do better so that's what he set out to do.

Our meal consisted of grilled scallops, a braised goat dish and stir-fried sandcrab.

Braised goat hot pot

I'll give it to him - dad's goat dish absolutely owned over the version we had at Neway. The goat pieces were tender and falling apart and the skin had become gelatinous and sticky: perfect for winter. Great flavor balance too - he used star anise, peppercorns and Chinese five spice (though the exact quantities are 'secret').

Stir-fried sandcrab with ginger and shallots

I'm not crazy about sandcrab so no comments there but we can agree that the photo looks appetizing.

Baked scallops with pork mince

No idea what mum was doing with the scallops but there was pork mince on there... not exactly a match made in heaven.


  1. OMG those scallops look amazing... How was the lamb? I've never had it that way before only pork or beef

  2. Lol it was goat! My parents had a big argument about whether goat and lamb is the same animal. You know how in Chinese it's all called 'yang'? I think it's different animals right? And yeh it was awesome.