Monday, August 3, 2009

Sizzling Mongolian BBQ House

Sizzling Mongolian BBQ House
144 Indooroopilly Rd, Taringa

This was a spur-of-the-moment decision a month or so ago. We were driving through St Lucia in search of food and suddenly, Sizzling Mongolian BBQ House sprang to mind. I'll be honest and say that I haven't heard nice comments regarding this place but sometimes, I take no heed and just do as I please.

We arrived there for dinner and the place seemed kind of quiet. There are plenty of tables but most were vacant seats. What hooked me in was the guy in the window frying up food on the big stone hotplate. Disregarding any reservations that I might have had, I went on in.

After we were seated, we learnt that they did an all-you-can-eat thing so that's what we chose. There was a bit of confusion since we'd never been before and there didn't appear to be any food in sight. I had it in my mind that Sizzling Mongolian BBQ House might be a bit like Jong Ga where there's BBQ and then there's cold salads and fruit etc. The waitress explained that we had to go outside to get food...

Outside, there is a buffet bar with lots of raw meat and some veggies and sauce. You pick and chose what you like into a bowl and line up. I felt like a bit of an idiot lining up outside in the cold. The idea is that you're waiting for the guy (the one I saw in the window) to fry up your bowl of food.

The first time we saw him do that, it was quite entertaining. The chef uses a pair of long chopsticks and kind of just wipes them along the stone, shifting your ingredients around in a circle until they're cooked.

Raw ingredients, ready to be cooked

What shocked me was that the cooked food goes back into the bowl that had the raw stuff in it. I'm not sure about this at a scientific level but as a kid, my parents always taught me to keep raw and cooked separate, especially when it was meat.

Ignoring any fears about getting a major stomach bug, I ate our little creations anyway - quite tasting!

Example of something I 'created'...

The problem is, after a while, the stir-fried dishes that we came up with started tasting the same and the lack of salad bar was a real issue. Firstly because, if you wanted food, the queue was unavoidable. Secondly, man cannot survive on stir-fried meat alone. It got a bit tedious and unappealing.

Banana fritter

I would really recommend they add a salad bar with some fresh fruit and veg and maybe something sweet. My craving for dessert was so great that I went ahead and ordered some. The interior of the restaurant was kind of dark so I didn't get a good shot of the fried ice-cream. Both the banana fritter and fried ice-cream really hit the spot. They are simple desserts but easy to get wrong. If I could recommend anything from this place, it would be those 2 dessert items (but keep in mind that I have a huge soft spot for fried sugary things).

The novelty of having someone cook my own combinations of stir-fry ingredients wore off pretty quickly so I doubt I'd go back. In their defense, I didn't have any stomach issues after eating there so it's probably safe to ingest.


  1. They also do a yummy chocolate fondue with apple, banana and marshmallows to dip into a hot chocolate sauce. I think my friend keeps returning just for that.

  2. This is incorrect, they don't put the cooked food back into the bowl with the raw food. They use a new bowl. Or at least they have every time that I have been.

  3. Hi Anonymous...

    that's good to know! Maybe it was just a one off from the night I was there. We can only hope.

  4. This review was in 2009. I hope by 2013 they used a new bowl.

  5. The meat is frozen. It's not raw meat stewing in its own juices.
    Dessert wise I love the chocolate hotpot/fondue!