Saturday, August 1, 2009


Shop 5/155 Baroona Road, Rosalie

I saw this place being built and set-up a while back and when I realized that it was a dessert cafe, I was beside myself with joy. Many times on this blog, I'm emphasized that there should be more dessert cafes to rival Freestyle. In fact, nearly all my dessert cafe posts to date reference Freestyle because it has become a reference point.

More competition can be nothing but a good thing for us dessert buffs.

I've been to Room4Dessert twice now. Walking past at dinner time, it sometimes looks a bit quiet but later in the evening, it definitely picks up. I think that's when people start succumbing to the sugar cravings. It is open from 6pm till late on weekdays and 3pm till late on weekends.

The cafe is pretty small - there is outdoor seating and if you're lucky, a cozy lounge set up inside. I believe that it is owned by the adjacent Blu Grotto and the cocktail menu is shared between the two places (yet to be confirmed).

The menu is double-sided and full of dessert options. You can also order from loads of chocolatey drinks.

Here are a few items I've tried:

The Opera Nougat - layered ganache & nougat butter cream served on a hazelnut meringue base with almond biscotti

Raspberry dipping sauce

I ordered the opera nougat because nougat is something I really loved in my childhood but haven't really had a chance to indulge in anytime recently. The cake was beautiful with many layers but it didn't have any distinctly 'nougat' component. The meringue bed was an interesting addition.

Crème Brulee - a combination of pistachio & vanilla bean with mango sorbet and poppy seed pastry twists

My friend chose a creme brulee and thought it wasn't set enough but I thought the consistency was fine. The sugar coating was very thin and delicate and complimented the creme brulee perfectly.

The Palet Chocolate - chocolate sable and ganache served on a house made vanilla bean custard with chocolate garnishes

When Charlie and I ordered the Palet Chocolate, we were actually craving chocolate tart. I wasn't 100% sure that this would do the trick but we decided to give it a go anyway. Boy... this is chocolatey. Out of the 3 items that I tried, I actually like this the most but I wouldn't dare go at it alone. I would describe it as an over-sized Tim Tam with a chocolate shortbread layer, covered with chocolate ganache and then smothered in more chocolate. Stunning but yes, beware, this degree of chocolate is for die-hard fanatics.

Iced coffee

We also ordered an iced coffee for good measure. My logic at the time was that I needed something bitter to contrast with the chocolate. It worked. The iced coffee was quite good but not different to any other good cafe.

The service at Room4Dessert is just lovely. I've asked the waitress to explain items on the menu for me and she was super friendly. Dessert doesn't take a long time to come out and the environment is quiet nice too.

Though there hasn't been a single dessert item that REALLY blew me away, they've all been good and collectively, make Room4Dessert a reliably source of satisfying sweet food. I've now got one extra option for where to go after dinner.

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  1. Can't wait to go visit bris so you can take me to some of these delightful places!