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Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse

Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse

It's steak and it's crab... therefore, it must be good. Going back a few weeks, I became somewhat obsessed with Singapore chili flavored things. Ideally, I would have liked the crab version but due to monetary constraints, I settled for chili bug. I had it at Obsession and Adam's Oriental. Both dishes were awesome. All the same, it made me crave the real deal - the Singapore chili crab, if only because I knew there'd be more meat.

Through all my research, I found out that Kingsleys on Eagle Street Pier did a Singaporean Chili mud crab. That nugget of knowledge was filed away until the other day when I was called upon to recommend another restaurant for my family members. There are lots of big boys in my uncle's family and they like their steak. This seemed to be an intuitive choice.

When I made the booking online, I requested a table with a view. They managed to secure just that, a long table on the balcony overlooking Brisbane River and the Story Bridge. Just gorgeous.

My mum was freezing for some reason (I didn't think it was that cold) but they had those big heater things and our waiter was just lovely, moving them around to keep my fussy family defrosted.

I went with our waiters recommendations so we ordered a mud crab to share as an entree and individual mains plus some sides of salad and potato.

House bread and butter

We got some complimentary bread and butter to start with. The loaves were warm and fresh and just gorgeous with the butter. Later on, when the crab came out, my family commented that it would have been nice to save the bread till then to dip into the chili sauce.

Singapore chili mud crab (flown in live from NT)

The crab didn't take as long as I expected. It was quite a hefty mud crab! Granddad reckons that only restaurants can get prime stock like this. We had a piece each and boy, the mud crab sure got a good reception. Most of my family folks have only had mud crab the Chinese style, stir-fried with ginger and shallots, over a bed of noodles. This combination of tomato, chili of garlic flavors went down really well. There was even talk of doggy bagging the bowl of sauce but it didn't get to that point (thankfully).

Our selection of steaks came:

New York striploin - 120 day grain-fed, Riverine Premium Beef, marble score 2+

King crab carpet bag - crab meat & tarragon butter with bèarnaise

Scotch fillet rib eye - 120 day grain-fed, Riverine Premium Beef, marble score 2+

3 types of mustard to compliment the steaks

Though there were 9 people at our table, most chose the King Crab Carpet Bag steak so I don't have that many pics to share. My granddad declared that the carpet bag was very 'unique' because it combined crab and steak in one. He was impressed.

Inside of the carpet bag steak - revealing the crab meat

Mine was the NY striploin. It was cooked beautifully - perfect coloring in the inside.

Cross-section of the striploin

I liked the plain dipping sauce but also indulged in a bit of hot English mustard.

Warm butternut pumpkin, baby Swiss chard & chilli vinaigrette

Baked cheese potato gratin

Even the sides got compliments. My mum said the mixed salad had a nice dressing. I personally liked the pumpkin salad best. My cousin adored the baked potato (which was indulgent but indeed very tasty).

By the time dessert rolled around, we were all quite happy with the food at Kingsleys. Rather than choosing between the dessert options, I opted for the easy way out by ordering EVERY dessert item to share and taste. Definitely spoiling the table :).

Chocolate Ooze - with bourbon vanilla bean ice-cream

White Chocolate steamed pudding - raspberries & vanilla bean anglaise

Strawberries Romanoff - vanilla ice-cream & brandy snap

Banoffee tart - with caramel sauce

Creme brulee - with freshly baked biscuit

Out of our medley of desserts, my favorite was the banoffee tart though the strawberry basket was nice and fresh in its own way. A bit let down by the white chocolate pudding though you could say it's not very sweet and hence, better for the members of the group who don't like OTT desserts.

Overall, great experience. Loved the view. Wonderful waiter (he did such a good job coordinating the table, considering how confused and undecided my family members are; plus he wasn't half bad looking either :p) and excellent food.

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  1. We went there once. The crab was awesome. Very good writing. Cora!