Friday, April 15, 2011

The Angel Cafe in Toowoomba

The Angel Cafe

My first visit to Angel Cafe was for Mochi's after-dinner birthday cake. I liked the look of the place and was curious about their food. We were meeting our friend Dewly for dinner and didn't want more Thai (too much of a good thing can be a bad thing) so we opted for this instead.

The Angel Cafe has an expansive dining area that manages to feel like a lounge rather than restaurant. It's got a dark decor but doesn't feel too awkwardly romantic for casual dinners.

The menu contains some cafe usuals as well as more substantial mains.

Flat white

I ordered a flat white to start the night. It was a decent coffee.

Smoked salmon wrap - smoked salmon, mesculin lettuce, grated carrot, roasted capsicum, danish fetta, poached asparagus and aioli

Mochi chose the salmon wrap as her main. She made a special request for replacing the aioli with avocado and they accommodated well. Apparently the salmon wrap was quite good and though we couldn't finish off all the wedges, the few I nibbled on were crunchy.

Pythagorean pocket - a puff pastry triangle pocketed with sun-dried tomato, fetta cheese, roasted capsicum, olives, shallots, spanish onion, cheese and spinach, served with a fresh garden salad and guacamole

I picked something called the Pythagorean pocket. I didn't really know what to expect but was surprised when my plate was brought out. It was much bigger than whatever it was I had in mind. The triangle is basically a puff pastry filled with a mixture of feta and roast veggies.

Inside of triangle

The filling is delicious and goes perfectly with the pastry, even more so with the accompanying guacamole. I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the whole thing but I polished it off because it was just so yum.

Tuscan stack - zucchini, baby spinach and avocado stack with mushroom and chicken breast, served on a bed of relish and finished with a light tuscan sauce

Dewly ordered the tuscan stack, something else I was considering. It comprised of a pile of seared chicken and roast veggies. The serving size wasn't as tremendous as the other 2 but I guess that's a good thing if you're portion-conscious.

I was feeling quite full around now and guilty to be eating so much on a non-weekend night, with no special occasion to justify it. Nonetheless, when Mochi got up to order cake, I followed suit.

White chocolate and raspberry gateau

She picked a raspberry gateau. It was tall with 3 layers and a white chocolate ganache. Tasted alright but nothing spectacular.

Gluten-free chocolate cake

I got the gluten-free chocolate cake. It wasn't served warm, which is a shame, but the density was good and the cake wasn't too sweet.

Blueberry almond cake

My favorite was Dewly's blueberry almond cake. It was lighter-tasting than the others, both in terms of flavor/sweetness/richness and texture.

The Angel Cafe had a decent selection of menu items. We had good experience with the food we ordered and the service and atmosphere were all pleasant. I have a feeling this is going to be one of our regulars.
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  1. thanx for the review. im going there for a birthday dinner tonight :)

  2. Hi Anonymous...

    Did you enjoy it? I went only last week. The menu had changed a bit since I wrote this post. They're under new management. I think the food's actually better.

  3. Hi Cora, The food is a lot better! I have become a regular now that it is under new management. I was talking to the owner Rick the other night and he has bought some world class chefs to Toowoomba. He also owns Kingfishers Cafe in Spring street and Eileys at Highfields. You should try both of them too as they are all excellent. Cheers, John

  4. Hi John...

    I agree the food is better, as per my previous comment! Thanks for letting me know. Might try some of those other places too.