Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thyme2 Restaurant for Breakfast Buffet

Thyme2 Restaurant
249 Turbot St, Brisbane CBD

I'm getting to be somewhat of a regular with hotel buffet breakfasts. On this occasion, we were staying at the Sofitel where Thyme2 Restaurant is located. The prospect of a nice, all-you-can-eat breakfast on Sunday nicely counter-balances with the dread of having to wake up and check out.

We were seated without hassle and didn't even bother getting comfortable at our table before making a bee-line for the food islands.

My plate

I like to start with the hot food and was impressed to find that we had the option of ordering fresh omelets (cooked before your eyes).

The pre-made eggs benedict muffins caught my eye and I plated one of those, along with some grilled veggies and wood-fired bacon. The bacon was delish.

Byron's plate

Byron's plate was a small mountain by the time he was done. The potato rostis were his favorite because they had a nice oniony flavor and were soft but crisp on the outside. I liked the baked beans because they tasted home-style to me but Byron thought they were like the canned variety.

Assorted sweet things

Embarrasingly, I still had room for more. I compiled a sweet plate with chocolate waffles, a mini chocolate croissant and banana bread. Usually, danishes and cakes at buffet places are stale and gross. The chocolate croissant at Thyme was surprisingly good.

Rosti returns...

I bullied Byron into getting another plate. He opted for more rosti and a fruit smoothie served in something resembling a test tube cross conical flask.

Fruit smoothie shots

He announced the fruit smoothie was very good so I elected he return for more. We had another shot of fruit smoothie each. Not bad at all!

Fresh fruit with Greek yogurt

Meanwhile, I stuffed myself a bit more with some fruit to finish off. The pineapple was perfectly sweet and the Greek yogurt was SUPERB. Some of the best yogurt I've ever had.

Even though I've been spoilt in the area of breakfast buffets coming into 2011, I find that Thyme2 is definitely up there in terms of variety and quality of food. The dining environment is very pleasant and I like that it wasn't too crowded.


  1. love the layout of this place. looks pleasant and not rushed.

    the food looks so filling...i probably be full by supper time!

  2. Hi Ann...

    I was too full to have lunch or dinner that day! Definitely got my money's worth ;)

  3. Once plated, it doesnt look buffet sourced! :)
    This is literally walking distance from my place, ill have to check it out!

    Isnt Prive 249 restaurant at this hotel too?
    Its apparantly good, likewise the Marco Polo one at bris casino

  4. Hi Caillan...

    I've tried Marco Polo a couple of times although not recently. I think it's a good restaurant. Very underrated.