Monday, April 4, 2011

Fables Restaurant at the Gold Coast for Buffet Breakfast

Fables Restaurant
Cnr Gold Coast Highway & Laycock Street, Mantra Legends Hotel, Surfer's Paradise

Sunday morning buffet breakfast... 4 words that make perfect sense to me.
Mum and dad got up early, went for a stroll and were ready for breakfast.
I got up much later, didn't do anything, and was ready for breakfast.

We were staying at the Mantra Legends so it was easy enough to head downstairs. What we didn't take into account was the huge queue of hungry coast-goers waiting to get a table.

After what felt like forever, we finally made it through. I figured out that the cause of the delay wasn't so much that there weren't enough tables (because there were plenty) but because of an inefficient seating system. Anyway, once we were inside, I forgot all about the wait and focused on the food instead.

It was relatively small for a hotel breakfast buffet. There is one long queue that leads you through the hot food, coffee and bread. This is impractical because if you just wanted one of those things, you'd have to cut the queue and suffer angry glares from those around you.

Fruit island

The fruit, cereal and yogurt were in a separate island but needless to say, they weren't as popular as the hot food.

My plate

I started up with a hot plate. Dad started with a much larger hot plate.

Dad's plate

We liked the little hash browns (they were cooked very well) and I really enjoyed the bread I picked up (not sure what it was but it contained what tasted like spinach).

Muffin, fruit, natural yogurt and bircher muesli

My second plate was 'dessert' and I had a mini choc chip muffin, some fruit and bircher muesli. The bircher muesli was very tasty and I wished I had more room for a second serving.

Machine cappucino

I was too scared to intercept the queue for coffee but dad is much braver than I so he fixed me up a cup. It wasn't as bad as I expected but nothing like barista-made coffee.

Fables wasn't the greatest buffet breakfast experience I've ever had. It had all the usuals that you'd want but nothing that made it stand out. The way the food was set up was also a bit clumsy and forced people to form a queue, which I detest.

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