Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shakey's Milkshake Bar at the Gold Coast

Shakey's Milkshake Bar

Walking through paradise (i.e. Surfer's Paradise), I got thirsty and spotted a milkshake bar. I... 'like' milkshakes but I'm not crazy about them. They are too much of a meal in a beverage for me.

But this particular milkshake bar caught my eye because the front window was full of candy. Intrigued, I scanned the menu board and deduced that I could order a milkshake in any candy flavor of the rainbow.

I first asked for popcorn flavor but was told they didn't have any popcorn available.

Next, I troubled the guy behind the counter for TV snack-flavored milkshake. He had to climb up on a step ladder to obtain a box but by the time it was located, I decided I wanted Bueno instead.

I love Bueno. It's an awesome chocolate bar.

My Bueno shake

What they do is they blend up the confectionary of your choice with milk and possibly some other stuff (I wasn't watching too closely). The product is then poured into a cute foam cup.

I had a taste... not bad. It didn't have a strong Bueno flavor but it was pleasant and not too sweat or too heavy.

I think Shakey's is a cute idea and has potential.


  1. I tried to make a comment a few days ago but it didnt work? Ill try again.

    Yes bueno rocks! They have an updated version now, its crunchier :)
    Seems these drink places are popping up everywhere after the success of boost juice years ago. I spose its a good thing, rather this than service station drinks or slurpees.

    Have you tried a bueno cappuccino?
    You will need a Nespresso Lattissima ;)

    Will try the bueno shake next time im on the GC!

  2. Hi Caillan...

    Wow Bueno cappuccino?? Sounds amazing!

  3. Yes you can make many different combinations. You just replace the normal milk in the nespresso system with anything you want. Chocolate soy milk/blended chocolate bars and cream, sorbet.. You end up with flavored Latte/cappuccino/macchiato etc its delightful!

    As if i needed another excuse to drink more coffee :(

  4. Which Nespresso machine do you have? I've been interested in getting one but there are so many choices.

  5. I have a black Nespresso Lattissima - I dont know the model number, buts its the top of the range. Also comes in white and maybe red?
    Was $650 when i got it. Dont get the small/entry version with a seperate milk frother.

    Ive had coffee all over the world, and nothing beats the full-nespresso machine. The reason its so good is because you can recreate the same great coffee, over and over, with the press of a button. And each capsule costs 75c!

    Its true cafe's and restauarants have big expensive machines, but they are only as good as the barista whos using it.

    What sold me was watching a youtube vid of lattissima making a layered latte. Also, one of the probs with normal coffee machines is it takes 5 min of prep, then 5 min clean up just to make a coffee. Not so with nespresso, as it has a seperate milk compartment that detaches and goes in the fridge. I did the 500 coffee service recently and the machine is still perfect.
    If you want more info hit me up on email.

  6. I enjoyed reading your blog post, a few days ago we had a snack at Shakeys.