Thursday, August 11, 2011

Avant Garde Patisserie

Avant Garde Patisserie

After our morning of cooking and subsequently, feasting on Thai food from My Thai Kitchen, Mochi and I finished in the only way our sweet tooths allowed. We had about 2 hours to kill before an afternoon of rainforest spa indulgence in Indooroopilly so we made a cake stop.

Avant Garde Patisserie was conveniently located a few doors down from where we started searching so in we hopped.

Instantly, we were drawn to the pastry cabinet where our eyes met a sweet display of cakes, tarts and slices. Decisions decisions. This was surely the hardest part.

I really strugged with even narrowing down my selections. The guy behind the counter informed us that all treats were made by them, not sourced from other businesses. He added that the vanilla slice had recently won an award (best in Queensland? Or best in Australia?!)

I didn't feel like a vanilla slice at the time but that comment must've drilled its way into my brain because since then, I've had a craving for it and vanilla slice is not something I normally get. Oh well, there's always next time.

Mochi ordered first because she's more strong-minded than me. She selected the lavender tart, which we were curious about. Why be curious when you can eat it and find out what it's like? She also ordered a soy latte.

For myself, I submitted a request for the lemon meringue tart and also a latte.

Our coffees were brought out first. Normally, when I'm doing a cafe post, I mention that the coffee has arrived and have nothing more to say aside from the odd 'it was burnt' or 'it was actually very good'. This coffee was the best I've had in a long, long time. I was trying to explain to Byron afterwards that it wasn't the coffee flavor itself that stood out but the milk component of the latte... almost like they used really good milk? Or did something very awesome to it? I understand that's mostly props to the barista so good on them.

The lovely pastries were carried over not long after. I loved the tall meringue peaks on my tart. It looked beautiful and appetitizing which had me excited before I even took my first bite.

Lemon meringue tart

This lemon meringue tart was beautiful. The filling wasn't too sweet/tangy like many others I've tried. The pastry was short without being oily.

Lemon tart texture shot

The meringue was completely soft, which is preferred by some but I would've liked a bit of crunch.

Chocolate lavender tart

Mochi's lavender tart had a subtle floral flavor that did well to be detected over the dense chocolate.

Inside of chocolate tart

This tart looks small but is deceptively filling because it is so so so rich.

We spent ages chatting away and even when the shop was starting to close, the waiter reassured us that we were welcome to stay and keep talking. It was a nice that cafe and even though it was mostly open, it felt kinda cosy.
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  1. Ah, a cosy patisserie!! :)

    We need more of them in Australia, such a great social hangout

  2. mmmmm that tart looks lovely

    good coffee is always about the barista who makes it

  3. i want to go back and try the choc cake!! u know today i had a craving for black forrest cake! no idea how it hit me, i dont norm have black forrest coz of the large amount of cream!

  4. Hi Caillan...

    I agree! I love nothing more than comfy cafes for catch ups and sweets.

    Hi Brisbane Devoured...

    Even with our coffee machine at home, it's a knack to getting the foam right. My mum does it good. When I try, the milk just warms up.

    Hi Mochi...

    You know what's good... a really boozy black forest trifle with dark chocolate sponge soaked in cherry liqueur and lots of juicy cherries and whipped cream. Yum!