Monday, August 22, 2011

Engine Room Cafe for Breakfast

Engine Room Cafe

I had a precious and much appreciated Saturday morning off work last weekend. We were thinking about making a breakfast feast at home but without eggs, there weren't many options. Eggs are the life force of a good breakfast!

Never fear, there's always the option of going out. I wanted to try Engine Room Cafe because (and pardon me if this seams like a rediculous reason) I'd seen people Check-In to it on Facebook and people seldom check in to places that aren't good.

With this internet logic backing me up, Engine Room is where we headed.

Engine Room cafe is located opposite Platform 9, sticking with the railway theme. It's in a large building with a small inconspicuous wooden door and we weren't sure if it was the entrance or just an ornamental door. I pushed at it tentatively and was relieved when it opened into the cafe.

We ordered our breakfast at the counter and left to find a table. As well as some sparse outdoor seating and the usual indoor cafe tables, Engine Room has an adjacent gift shop with long tables to sit at. That's where we ended up.

liked it because it had an unusual outdoor yet indoor feel even though there weren't any signs that that was what they were trying to achieve. I think it might be because the room was so large and the tables were out like picnic tables.


For our morning dose of caffeine, I chose my usual latte and Byron, a cappucino. The coffee was decent though a shade watery for my liking.


The coffee actually arrived after our food, which is unusual and not to my preference.

Blueberry and brown sugar porridge

My choice for food was the porridge with blueberries. It came in a large bowl with a side of skim milk to thin it out if need be. I quite liked the porridge. Byron had a taste and said it was OK but just normal porridge. I suppose he was right in that it wasn't anything amazing but usually, amazing for porridge means lots of cream and sugar. I was glad for something that was warming and comforting but could still come under the umbrella of 'maybe healthy'.

Eggs benedict with smoked salmon

Byron went with the eggs benedict and that surprised me. Don't get me wrong, I love eggs benedict and my blog will confirm it's my most frequent breakfast request. It's more that every time I've mentioned it, he's always babbled on about how disgusting hollandaise sauce is. I maintain that anyone who thinks hollandaise is disgusting must be on something. He thought this hollandaise was fantastic and admitted he was previously judging the gross bottled stuff.

Bite shot of egg

The egg was nicely done but I suspect it was poached either in a machine or was one of those vacuum-sealed poached eggs because it was an unnatural shape. That's just me being pedantic. I'm sure it tasted fine.

The food at Engine Room Cafe was nice. I can't say it was outstanding compared to some of the breakfast places I've been to but the prices weren't as exuberant either. It is definitely somewhere you can go regularly and feel justified in doing so. I liked the environment best. It was busy but in no way rushed and hectic like so many Brisbane cafes. The service was friendly too.
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