Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MOS Burger

MOS Burger
Shop 34, Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank

I've been itching to go to Mos Burger since it first popped up on Urbanspoon. The idea an Asian-themed burger shop sounded pretty good to me. Also, I noticed that Mos Burger remained in the 'Talk of the Town' list week after week so I figured if everyone else is talkin' bout this joint, so should I.

What does MOS mean? It stands for Mountain, Ocean, Sun. What does that have to do with burgers? Not a clue.

Nevertheless, it took me a while to get around to it because too many other restaurants got in the way and I only have one belly that I'm not keen to expand too much.

I arranged a get together lunch with good old Hien (my most reliable Brisbane eating buddy) and Mork, my self-adopted brother. As much as it is exciting to catch up with these guys who I hadn't seen for ages, trying to plan anything with 2 males is next to impossible. It was practically lunch time and I still didn't know where/when we were meeting. Mork pointed out that my mistake was asking them because I should be 'telling'. I told them 1 @ Sunnybank and that was that.

We gathered up around Mos Burger at the allocated time. It's a very... cheery fast food joint that manages to look cute rather than greasy. I think that's the Asianness shining through i.e. staff yelling vaguely-Japanese sounding greetings and cute bubbly font/menus.

I left the ordering up to the boys and they broke the rule of 'everyone must order something different when the meal is to be blogged' by both ordering wagyu burgers for themselves. I was allocated a seafood rice burger.


The food was served very promptly. As well as the burgers, we had chosen a selection of sides. My corn soup and Hien's mushroom soup came first.

The corn soup was quite nice - creamy and smooth. For fast food soup, it's satisfying enough and I do like sweet corn soup.

MOS nuggets

The boys also had chips and nuggets to go with their burgers.

MOS chips
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I tried some chips but didn't think they were anything special.

Wagyu burger with cheese

I thought the wagyu burgers looked small and indeed, by the time I finished my own burger, they had been chomped down so I couldn't snatch a taste. I'm guessing they were decent because Hien says the wagyu with cheese is what he orders every time he eats at Mos burger. You can also get it without cheese.

Kakiage rice burger

I'm not at all a fan of rice burgers so maybe my review to follow will be biased but I didn't like my burger very much. The filling was OK I suppose but it was crunchy and vaguely seafood-tasting so that is appetizing by default. The rice patties themselves were very greasy and I thought the filling to be too... sweet? Without enough other components to balance it out.

Matcha green tea latte

To wash down my meal, I also ordered a matcha latte which was probably more washed-out than most from fancy cafes but it was acceptable (again applying fast food standards).

I think MOS Burger wins on concept. The burgers are cheap and provide good alternatives to many conventional fast food options. In terms of flavor, they are in no way gourmet but I liked the place enough to try some of the other burgers. I think the chips could do with some improvement. MOS Burger has potential but it's 'ok' not 'great'.


  1. When I visited the seafood rice burger was still unavailable, but based on your feedback it looks like I won't have to return to try it. haha!
    Agree with you on the chips.. They seemed.. undercooked??


    I know! The chips look pale and tasted under. Meh.

  3. Ive been there twice now and I think the wagyu with cheese is the best way to go... tried the beef yakiniki and didnt really enjoy it.
    Our chips looked a lot more cooked than yours!

    I think I would still rather eat at MOS burgers than mcdonalds or HJs

  4. Hi Brisbane Devoured...

    The Darren Simpson KFC burgers aren't half bad ;).

  5. Immediately thought chups were under before reading.

    Rice burger looks good, I want one. Last time I had a rice burger you didnt like it and i thought it was awesome. You cant be trusted with rice burgers!

    Ive tried both simpson burgers now, the ceasar one is better. Other is too sweet.

    Hungry jacks bacon deluxe i think is the best burger available, but it varies depending on how fresh it is. Sometimes dry and sometimes jooshy. I dont like that inconsistency.

    Hao much was the wagyu burger?

  6. Hi Anonymous (I know it's you Byron),

    Burgers were bout $6ish.

    Go smooch a rice burger, you rice burger head.

    And where's my Simpson burger?