Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weis Restaurant for Seafood Buffet

Weis Restaurant

When I mention I have a food blog and that I live in Toowoomba, the first question on most people's lips is 'have you been to Weis Restaurant?' I suppose it's the only restaurant of any fame in Toowoomba... but up until last week, my answer was sadly 'no'.

Amusingly, I was going to go to Weis on my birthday back in March this year but decided it was too dear. How I ended up going last Friday was: we tried to go to Sizzlers (yes, I do want to go to Sizzlers at times, don't flame me please) but the queue was too long so we went to Weis instead. Basically a similar fling but more upmarket.

I'd driven past Weis a zillion times heading to and from Brisbane. Stepping inside, it was completely different to what I had imagined. Rather than the spaced out restaurant cross cafeteria feel that Sizzler has, it's exactly like a cosy manor. The buffet section is probably in what was once a lounge room and diners are spread out in various smaller rooms.

We were placed in the Allora Room which only had about 3 other tables.

Enough about the seating... we want to talk about the food! At Weis, there is classic buffet (non-seafood) available at lunch, seafood or seafood and steak buffet at night and breakfast buffet on the weekend.

We sat down to the seafood buffet. There were a few islands of food... to summarize, it was basically organized by seafood, hot food, soups, salads, cold meat and dessert.

Seafood plate

I started with some seafood. What got me most excited was the huge prawns (very fresh and juicy).

Oyster shooters

The oysters were quite small. There were oyster shooters too, which I found amusing.

Hot food plate

Hot food was next. The ribs were divine and that's what Byron filled up on. I think he must have had about 4 plates of ribs. I tried a piece of roast lamb and found it was really drItalicy. Unfortunately there was no gravy in the gravy jug when I wanted some and I couldn't be stuffed to wait.

There were a few salads available. I liked the potato salad best and Byron liked that as well as the pasta salad.

Seafood chowder and bread roll

I chose seafood chowder for my soup with a hot roll. The soup was creamy and generously filled with seafood (and seafood sticks). Not bad actually.

Dessert island

The dessert island was extremely popular. Everytime I went past trying to take a photo inconspicuously, I'd find it surrounded by people. There was no lack of choice for desserts.

Dessert plate

I grabbed a small portion of nearly everything. I wasn't full before dessert but I was close to bursting afterwards.

Weis was a pleasant experience for us. The service was lovely and there was a certain charm to dining in the homely environment. I didn't think the food was jaw-dropping. I'm aware that it's a buffet but I've had more exciting buffets. There was a good selection though and I noticed the food turnover was quite high, which kept things nice and fresh.
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