Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grove Juice

Grove Juice

Grove Juice is a fresh juice company that boasts of top standard flavor with the best nutritional properties. The people at Grove Juice were nice enough to send me a few samples of this new product to try.

I'm a bit of a juice maniac. I have a $250 juicer that crushes anything into sippable oblivion, core and skin and all. I love fruit that doesn't require effort. I love interesting mixtures of fruit. I even love juice with my vodka. Needless to say, I was keen on popping open the Grove Juice bottles and giving them all a try.

I noticed that there were a couple of unconventional flavor combinations. As well as the much-loved classic OJ, there was an apple, mandarin and passionfruit juice and an apple, mandarin, strawberry and lime juice. The last one in particular just screamed of Summer to me.

My first impression was that "yup, this is definitely real fruit juice", unlike much of that "fruit drink" rubbish that's focused on delivering sugar + artificial flavoring to kids.

Apple, mandarin, strawberry and lime was definitely my favorite. I love strawberry in juice! The orange juice was nice too, not overly pulpy. I'm not crazy about passionfruit so I didn't love the 3rd flavor... but it's got a nice tropical vibe. The juice on its own was a bit too sweet for me but I reckon they would be perfect for mixing drinks or adding ice-cubes to.

On a more scientific level, Grove Juice isn't pastorized and the nutrients are preserved from UV light by the clever white bottle.

I'm generally more concerned with flavor than body benefits but it's good to know that something that you're drinking can taste radical and still be nurturing you with vitamins.

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  1. My go to drink if I leave my water bottle at work/home/somewhere whilst out and I'm on my way to uni or similar is the Grove Mango and Mandarin juice - love it.

    Will have to try those other new blends.