Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kitchen Sanitarium for Breakfast

Kitchen Sanitarium

These last couple of weeks my trips to Brisbane increased from once per week to twice per week. It's not (entirely) because I get lonely and bored in Toowoomba but because I've actually had errands to do in Brissie that justified the drive. Because of this, I've managed to squeeze in a few extra eating trips too.

Everything is dandy when your pals are available but what if they're busy with uni/work/other aspects of their life? Why, you eat solo of course.

Yesturday I sort of took that to the next level. You'll shortly see what I mean.

I've wanted to try Kitchen Sanitarium for a while, to the point where I've attempted to go a few times but either got lost or it was closed. This time, I made it there (after a sweaty Summer trek from St Andrew's Hospital on Wickham Tce - don't ask why).

There were quite a few city suit folk lining up for takeaway but because I had time to kill, I took a seat.

At this point, I started facing the dilema of what to order. I try to make it a rule that in order to blog a place, I need at least 2 different dishes and perhaps a beverage too. When I used to go to uni in the city, I combated this by going to one particular cafe more than once before blogging about it, so that I would have the variety I needed.

Now, I'm more realistic. I don't live in Brisbane so who knows when I'll next be stopping by Kitchen Sanitarium. I decided to put on a brave face and risk any judgement of being a pig by ordering 2 breakfast dishes and a drink. I gave the waitress an apologetic look and tried to explain that it was for breakfast AND lunch. Like that makes me any less weird lol.

The food came really quickly, which I was impressed by. I must have had too many bad experiences of waiting forever for breakfast because I normally go on busy weekends.

Kitchen Muesli - with figs, sweet dates, seeds and oats, milk and natural yoghurt

I started with the muesli because it seemed more like the 'breakfast' item (I thought I'd begin with 'breakfast' before moving on to the 'lunch' component of my meal). It was a bountiful muesli with bucketloads of dried fruit, notably dried figs.

Muesli close-up

The muesli was served with a smattering of milk and some natural yogurt. It was great. I would've devoured the whole lot if I didn't have something else vying for my attention.

Breakfast Bruschetta - with smooth goat’s curd, sweet tomatoes, creamy avocado and herbs

The bruchetta was welcomingly simple. Two slabs of freshly toasted bread with perfect slices of avocado and tomato plus a scoop of goats cheese. The whole lot was then drizzled with olive oil and dressed with fresh baby basil. These types of classic combinations never fail to work, especially when the ingredients are of high quality. Seriously... there was not a single speck of brown/grey on the avocado. How do they manage that? The goats cheese was delicious. I was never a huge fan before but I think I'm going to convert...

Berry pear juice - with blackberry, strawberry, pear and apple

My pear and berry drink arrived while I was eating. It was beautifully layered and gave me this slightly guilty feeling of drinking a cocktail at 10am in the morning. Usually in any drink with berries in it, the berries overwhelm but in this, you could definitely taste the pear.

Kitchen Sanitarium was a great experience for me. I would love, love, love to try their lunch menu. The service was great and the whole atmosphere seemed calm and inviting (which shouldn't be taken for granted in an inner city cafe). The food was fresh, simple and delicious.
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  1. Kitchen Sanitarium has some of the tastiest breakfasts I've ever eaten. They're also so reasonably priced it barely feels like an indulgence. This post makes me want to go there asap. I work on Creek St in the city, so I've really got no excuse, and if you ever want a breakfast pal, give me a yell!

  2. Hi B...

    I couldn't agree more! I have a 'favorite restaurants' tag for my posts and I hardly ever use it, least of all for cafes that I've only been to once but Kitchen Sanitarium sky-rocketed to that honor. I might have to take you up on breakfast one day ;).