Friday, November 18, 2011

Hometown Cafe

Hometown Cafe
Shop 90d, Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank

I've been looking for things to blog and went through one of my photo albums from last month to find this. Mum and dad took me to Hometown Cafe when I was in the mood for 'homely' Asian food. Hometown for homely food. It makes sense, right?

Hometown Cafe is located in Sunnyank Plaza, opposite Welcome Asian grocery store (in that outdoor area). It serves Taiwanese food. My dad thinks the cafe itself resembles a cafeteria because it's so simple (in terms of furnishings) and the food is very cheap.

We went for lunch one Saturday (or was it Sunday?) and picked a few meals.

Thickened fish noodle soup

Mum was feeling experimental and got this slimey fish noodle soup. I know it sounds unappetizing but honestly, that is a fair description. The fish was deep-fried and the soup was sort of sour and extremely thick and slimey. Mum said it was 'interesting' but this is definitely not something I would order again.

Three cup chicken with rice and sides

I chose the three cup chicken, which is about the extend of what I know of Taiwanese cuisine. It came with some rice, veggie sides and a simple broth (of not much more than salt + water).

Close-up of my measly scraps :(

You can see from my picture that there was a tiny amount of chicken. Extract the bone and it's really not much meat that you get. It's a pity because the flavor was nice (although the chicken was a tad dry). The rice was seasoned with sauce from the chicken. I liked the egg.

Pork and pickled vegetable noodle soup

Dad ordered the pork and pickled vegetable noodle soup. I had a taste and it was nice but my mum can make much better. I suppose that's the point though: homely food without actually having to make it at home. The serving was quite decent.

Pearl milk tea

I also had a pearl milk tea to wash everything down. This was good. Not overly sweet or anything.

Hometown Cafe gives exactly what you expect and not much more. It is cheap, uneventful food that serves to fill you up. The flavors weren't bad but I think there are areas for improvement.

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