Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pho Sai Gon Noodle Shop

Pho Sai Gon Noodle Shop
Shop 9, 223 Calam Road Rd, Sunnybank Hills

My original Saturday night plans had disintegrated so I traded that in for a simple, early dinner and lots of online shopping during the night instead.

Mochi picked where to go. She's been eating out a fair bit recently, and we all know the feeling of "no more fancy shmancy or anything with big servings please" she chose something light. When I think of 'light' I think of Vietnamese, and evidently she's on the same brainwave as me because we ended up at Pho Sai Gon.

This is located in the little complex towards the end of Mains Rd (where it might no longer be called Mains Rd... haven't checked). I hadn't been there in ages so this place is new for me.

The shop is tiny with a smattering of tables to dine in, plus a few more outside. We chose to sat inside and it was quiet when we got there but gradually, more and more people came.

There were heaps of things on the menu - all $10 (except for spring rolls and drinks).

Mochi and I tried to order different things but we both wanted to vermicelli bowl so we compromised by ordering one with grilled pork and one with a combination of different meats.

From a blogging perspective, this might be boring for you to read/see but too bad!

Vietnamese iced white coffee

I also asked for a Vietnamese iced coffee. This was wowzers. It kept me up until 4am. Or that might've been because I was online shopping and got too excited. I'm not sure. In any case, it was a great iced coffee.

Combination vermicelli bowl

Our food took a while to come out. When I have a meal at Asian eateries, I sort of expect them to wave a wand out the back and shazam, the order is coming my way within 5min of being taken down. In this case, we were left gossiping/chatting scheming for a good 20min, maybe more. Lucky I was with Mochi and not someone awkward and unconversational!

Grilled pork vermicelli bowl

The dishes we ordered are basically the same but with slightly different toppings so I won't ramble on about them individually. You get a large bowl of vermicelli rice noodles with some lettuce, spring rolls and in my case, grilled pork (Mochi had that plus some other bits and pieces).

There's also a small bowl of fish sauce that you pour over the top as a dressing.

I haven't had Vietnamese food in ages. This bowl was exactly what I wanted. There was plenty of Vietnamese-style grilled pork (garlic/lemongrass/fish sauce flavor) and the lettuce was really fresh too. What I really enjoyed was the spring rolls! I normally don't see what the deal is with spring rolls but these were petite and crunchy and good.

Aside from being disappointed by the long waiting time, it was a fairly positive experience. I'd like to go back to Pho Sai Gon to try their other food.


  1. I'm sold, I'll be going there sometime next week! =D

  2. Best pho in brisbane.

  3. This place is really close to home and has great pho! Try it next time! I love the Pho in Market Square but this comes pretty close and less than half the distance, win! :D