Sunday, January 15, 2012

BlackStar Coffee for Breakfast

BlackStar Coffee for Breakfast

I'm a bit behind with my posts because I've just come back from Shanghai (literally, midnight last night). I'll start with this one. My friend Trinh and I caught up over an amazing day at the Gold Coast on what I believe may have been the hottest day in Queensland this Summer. The weather was absolutely perfect for the beach.

We kicked things off with breakffast in West End. As a West End local, I let Trinh decide where we should go. She directed me through these up/down hilly lanes and finally we emerged opposite BlackStar.

The look of the place epitomized West End to me. Small and bustling with a decent outdoor eating area, hip looking waitstaff and a scrawled chalkboard menu.

We ordered coffees and breakfast. Trinh chose a light avo on toast deal. I was hungoverish so I went with something a tad heartier.

Iced and hot lattes

Our beverages arrived first. It was scorching already so I passed on a hot coffee and got an unsweetened iced latte instead. It definitely hit the spot: chilled, refreshing and a nice early morning pick-me-up.

Breakfast pita

My breakfast pita was just what I wanted. It was filled with egg, bacon and veggies but didn't taste at all heavy/fatty.

Inside of breakfast burrito

The exterior was toasted to a nice crisp.

Toasted Turkish with avo

Trinh's avo and toast was fancier than I expected. For one, it was Turkish bread rather than plain and also came with EVOO and a slice of lemon. It's the kind of thing I'd like to have for breakfast every day.

BlackStar was a lovely place to catch up over coffee and brunch. Nice service too and good, simple food. Thanks to Trinh for the rec!

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