Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chocolateria San Churro, Southbank for Dessert

Chocolateria San Churro
Shop 2/161 Grey St, Southbank Parklands

I have spent a lot of time lamenting over the fact that there was no great churro store in Brisbane. I wasn't always crazy about churros. I used to scoff and think 'it's a fried donut thing. What's the big deal?' After a few churro-eating sessions in Melbourne (at San Churro, no less), I soon became a convert. Sure they're simple and understated but there's just something addictive about a churro done well that means they require no embellishment.

When Marc and I were struggling to find somewhere to have dinner in Southbank, we walked past San Churro and my heart stopped. For someone who thinks they're well-connected in the Brisbane food network and with foodie gossip, I had no idea there was a San Churro up and running in Southbank. What the hey? It was a total shock but a good one. We half-joked about stopping there and then for a bowl of churros for dinner instead of something conventional and savory. I say 'half-joked' because that suggestion sounds kind of valid to me!

We ended up having dinner at DM Restaurant and despite being rather full afterwards, there was no way I was going home without some churro in the belly. 

A conversation topic that came up a few times during dinner was how the line-up at Max Brenner was always huge. It was thus a bit sad that there was a huge line outside San Churro too! I decided to push aside whatever political stand I was making against queues and queue up anyway. Churro craving rules over pride.

I won't lie; it was a fair wait before we got a table. I justified the time as 'time spent digesting pasta to make room for dessert'.

When a girl came to take our order, we didn't muck around. San Churro has a selection of dessert offerings including ice-cream and chocolates but I knew what I wanted was churros. I also got  a milkshake just to try something different (and to have enough stuff to blog about) and a cup of coffee to cut the sweetness.

Churros for two - with milk chocolate and dark chocolate dipping sauce

The order didn't take too long to complete. We had the churros for two which came with 2 dipping sauces of choice. I went for milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I was absolutely over the moon with these churros. They were everything I had been hoping for and more. They were piping hot with a crunchy exterior dusted with cinammon sugar and the inside was soft and giving with a slight bite and chewiness. With the addition of molten chocolate, they were perfection.

Dulce de leche milkshake - with milk chocolate, dulce de leche and vanilla ice-cream

The milkshake we ordered was a dulce de leche special san churro chocolate shake. Dulce de leche is caramelized condensed milk. In milkshake form, it was pretty fabulous. The only problem was, with anything as rich as this, I can't have more than a few sips.


My coffee served its purpose of refreshing my palate between mouthfuls of sweetness. It came with a little truffle chocolate ball which was also yummy.

I love that there exist many crazy, multi-textured this, deconstructed that with dust and foam creations in today's restaurants, yet I can still prefer to sit down to something simple done well. The churros at Chocolateria San Churro are just that. I'm ecastatic that as a Brisbane girl, I can now stop off at Southbank and get my churro fix. Horray!
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  1. I love churros, can't wait to try it out.

  2. Hi DolceBunnie...

    I know, right! I read some bad reviews online but I just don't get it. I thought they were awesome.

  3. I only found out about this place a couple of days ago too, it must have opened very quietly...