Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thailand 3 - Rural and Hilltribe Cuisine

Rural and Hilltribe Cuisine

This is just a quick post of photos I took of food I had on my travels through the Northern Hilltribes and later on, through the Kanchanaburi province south of Bangkok. I've thrown them under the blanket term of 'rural Thai food' because well, I ate them in sorta farmy areas.

I'll start with our hilltribe cuisine. The tour involved a hike to the first village (through rain and mud), an overnight stay at the village and more hiking the next day. It was freezing and wet and I fell over a couple of times... by the time we reached village 2, we forgot what clean felt like.

Although I found myself missing civilisation a lot, there were many things that made it all worthwhile. I found the Thai jungle to be breathtaking. In particular, when we were bamboo rafting on day 3, the jungle rose up on both sides. It was incredible, and so very, very green.

Villagers cooking the food

The food we had at the villages was delicious. We had a penang curry on the first night, along with spring rolls and stir-fried veggies. One of the villagers were cheeky and snuck a whole chili inside one of the spring rolls.

Deep-fried wonton wrappers

At the second village, we had a starter of deep-fried wonton skins with a spicy dipping sauce. It was simple and bad for the waistline but so delicious! That night we had masaman curry with sweet chili veggies.

 Buffet at River Kwai

The rest of my photos are from one lunch on a day tour through the Kanchanaburi region to visit the tiger temple. We had a stop over at the Bridge over River Kwai and enjoyed a glorious buffet overlooking the river.

There was so much food... the usual curries, fried noodles, fried rice and whatnot. I really enoyed the BBQ station where there was a host of grilled meat to chose from. It was all so tasty!

This all gives a glimpse of how versatile Thai food can be, and also, just how hard it is to keep a stable diet whilst traveling through Asia.


  1. Wish we had done it when we were in Thailand. The food looks so good.

  2. Hi DolceBunnie...

    There's great food all throughout Thailand! I'm sure you had some good feeds too :).