Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thailand 6 - Eve Restaurant for Buffet Breakfast

Eve Restaurant

Hotel breakfast buffets are one of the greatest perks to staying at a nice hotel. Our first morning at Hansar was limited because we had to leave for a day tour to the Tiger Temple. What was impressive was that Eve (the restaurant where buffet breakfast was served) didn't open until after we had to leave for the tour. I was starving and offered to pay for breakfast from Cafe Boca but the lady at the counter announced "no! I can't let you pay" and made a quick phonecall before inviting us into Eve. They opened early just for us!

We had a rushed breakfast that morning where I scoffed my face and absorbed in the luscious array of food around me. I started queueing up items in a "must try tomorrow" list.

The next morning, we had the luxury of a slow, relaxed breakfast. Much better! I stuffed myself silling trying a bit of everything. Below is a combination of food I had over the 2 days.

Eve had a few islands of food. What drew my eye first were the cakes and danishes. Adjacent to that was the selection of breads (with obligatory conveyor belt toaster), a cereal bar and fresh juice.

The island in the centre of the restaurant housed fresh fruit, cold cuts and cheese, hot Asian-style dishes (many of which seemed suitable for lunch/dinner) and a customized porridge section.

A couple of popular breakfast items were curiously absent: bacon, sausages and eggs. What Eve offered instead was to cook these fresh to order.

Ham and cheese omelet

On the first morning, I ordered a ham and cheese omelet. It came with a couple of potato nuggets and some ketchup (I added the hash brown myself). Despite the perfect cooked-from-a-machine appearance, it didn't taste half bad. The next morning, I went with the eggs benedict. That was pretty good too.

Watermelon, pineapple and papaya

The fruit was top notch, but I could say that for almost any food establishment in Thailand. I guess it's just a country that is blessed with great fruit!

Dahl and roti, pandan chicken, stir-fried mushrooms and rice noodles

I dabbled in the Asian hot food section just to try the different things. The dahl and roti were quite nice; overall, the dishes were tasty but much too heavy for me to have at breakfast.

Walnut bread, mini choc croissant and waffle with maple syrup

My favorite offerings at Eve by far were the bakery items. The banana bread was superb. I think I'm something of a banana bread coinnoseur and this was amongst the best I ever had. I think I had 2 mini slabs each morning I was there.

 Banana bread, mini choc croissand and custard danish

The mini chocolaite croissants were also divine. In fact, I believe it features on 2 of my photos. I discovered these on my second morning and regretted missing out on them the first morning. My favorite bread was the walnut rye.

Eve Restaurant had a solid selection of breakfast items. It isn't the biggest hotel breakfast buffet that I've experienced, nor the most exuberant. The standard of food was above average and in my opinion, the bakery items were a standout.

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