Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lash Cafe for Breakfast

Lash Cafe

I went on a solo breakfast adventure one hungry Sunday morning. The plan was to meet up with mum and dad later on during the day so I picked a cafe that was sort of on the way. Lash Cafe had only just made it onto my radar THAT MORNING via the interwebs but it looked and sounded exactly like what I was after.

I was a bit of an eager beaver, arriving at Lash right as it opened. I even witnessed the 'open' sign being hoiked up. My car was parked across the street and I decided to hide inside for a moment so that I didn't feel too much like a loser barging in before they were even ready for customers. This plan backfired a bit because instead, I felt like a spy peering into the cafe from a distance. In the end, I was still the first person inside so I achieved nothing by waiting.

Lash cafe is super cute. It has a feminine, boutique boudoir vibe with a slight edginess (think sharp black lines in the decor rather than frills and floral). I can't really picture a man eating here by himself.

Even the menu has a girly spin on it. There seems to be less emphasis on meaty bacon and sausages and more vegetarian/healthy options with the signature dish being sweet (the Lash crepes).


I had a coffee to start with, as per usual. It was served a tad temperature cool but it tasted fairly good.

Vegetarian omelet - with mushroom, feta, chives, tomato and parmesan

For breakfast, I decided to be a bit of a piggy and order 2 courses. My 'main' was the vegetarian omelet. It was delicious. Unlike the coffee, the omelet was piping hot. It was perfectly cooked and loaded with mushrooms, sweet tomato and feta. The parmesan on top completed the flavor package.

Mini crepes - with caramelized banana

My 'dessert' for breakfast was the crepes. I didn't go the whole hog and order the Lash crepes but instead ordered the kid sized version with caramelized banana. I've previously expressed dislike towards soft crepes but these from Lash turned me around completely. The crepes were delicate and soft and the caramelized banana inside was just beautiful. I polished off the whole thing without hesitation.

Filling in the crepes

I think I surprised the waitstaff that morning. One lady came over to me while I was eating the omelet and asked if I wanted the crepes kept warm. I said "don't worry about it, I'll be onto that soon" and she gasped "oh! It's for you?"

Hahaha. I regret NOTHING.

A couple of muffins for later

I was so rapt with Lash that on my way out, I picked up a couple of muffins for mum and dad too. The lemon and poppy seed muffin and fig and date muffin caught my eye so I had those packed up for home.

Honestly I really enjoyed my solo breafast session at Lash Cafe. It definitely targets a female clientele (heck, it even sells jewelry) so I can't imagine dragging Marc here but it'd be a great place to gossip with Mochi or Kat. The menu appeals to me and the food tasted good.
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  1. food looks homey yet sophisticated! put it on the go to list when i go visit, then we dont have to worry about where to go!:D

  2. Hi mochi...

    You don't have to worry bout where to go. I have it alllll covered.