Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lunch at Noodle Haus

Noodle Haus
Kiosk 207, Upstairs Food Court, Westfield Carindale, Carindale

Mum and I had a positive experience eating yum cha at the new Yum Cha Cuisine in Westfield Carindale. She discovered that the same group responsible for that restaurant had also opened a noodle kiosk in the food court. One day, when we were feeling lazy and didn't want to venture into Sunnybank for a feed, we decided to give it a go.

Noodle Haus is very much a fast food outlet, located amongst the other fast food restaurants in the upstairs food court. The menu is limited but cheap and there aren't any designated tables or seats. We went at a fairly busy time (lunch hour during the Christmas peak period) so mum and I ordered whilst dad went off to hunt for tables.

There are a few noodle and rice options on the menu, as well as some simple sides/starters like buns and dumplings. Once you get your food, you can pick up napkins, cutlery and condiments onto your tray.

Roast duck noodle soup

I went with the duck noodles. The duck meat was tender and tasty but there were a few very fatty pieces. I wasn't a huge fan of the style of noodle. They were thin and a bit stringy and tough. My dad likes this type of noodle but he prefers it for stir-frying. I added some chili oil to the soup, which gave the soup base a lift.

Soy chicken noodle soup

Dad ordered the soy chicken noodles. It was basically the same as mine but with chicken pieces instead. We were all very hungry that day and he wolfed the noodles down. The serving size wasn't too bad.

XO Prawn noodle soup

Mum ordered the prawn noodles, which had a different soup base to ours. It was a bit more tomatoey with a tiny hint of chili. There were more prawns than I expected for the price and they were reasonably large.

The noodles at Noodle Haus can't be compared to the likes of Hakataya in Sunnybank. There's nothing gourmet about them but they make a fair alternative to Macdonald's or Subway if you're in the mood for something oriental. The serving sizes were decent and they were quick to serve.

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