Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snag Stand at Queens Plaza for Lunch

Snag Stand

Hot dogs and sausage sizzles are something that I love but rarely eat because my meals are too often occupied by 'proper' dining. During the week, I eat at home. On the weekends, I work through a list of cafes and restaurants that need trying. There's no allocated space for fast food.

When Kat and I were in Sydney, I spotted a gourmet hot dog vendor at the food court of Westfield Sydney. That day, we had lunch at Xanthi instead so I missed out but the idea of hot dogs chefed up in the same way that burgers have been really appealed to me. When I read that a 'haute dog' vendor had opened up in Queens Plaza, I was more than excited that there was a local option.

Marc and I headed down to Snag Stand last Sunday for lunch. My parents had just been telling me about their experience at New Shanghai and I was in half a mind to go there, but the queue was too long. As luck would have it, Snag Stand was right near New Shanghai, on the food court level of Queens Plaza. And, there was no queue.

There were plenty of hot dogs available, not just with the toppings offered, but the types of sausages too. Along with the usual beef variety, there were german sausages, pork sausages, lamb, chicken and vegetarian too. Because it was our first time trying Snag Stand, we didn't want to venture too far outside the norm. Marc and I shared a chili dog and a cheese kransky dog, plus a packet of onion rings.

Spicy cheese kransky - freshly grilled with semi-dried tomatoes, sriracha mayo and cheddar cheese on a toasted brioche roll

The hot dogs were conveniently cut into halves for us so we got to try both. I first bit into the cheese kransky dog and loved it. The cheese kransky itself was so incredibly juicy. The semi-dried tomatoes gave it a nice tang, the mayo gave it a creaminess and I even liked the crumbly cheddar cheese on top.

Bite shot of cheese kransky dog

The hot dogs are mostly served on a brioche roll. I know everyone wets their pants over brioche but I just don't get what the fuss is, especially when served with savory food. It's just too sweet for my liking.

Chilidog - all natural frankfurter with chili beef sauce, onions, cheddar cheese and roasted chili peppers on a toasted brioche roll

The chili dog had a conventional sausage with a topping of chili beef mince, cheddar cheese and chili peppers. It was also delicious but I much preferred the cheese kransky.

Bite-shot of chili dog

This didn't have the juiciness of the cheese sausage and the beef mince was chili spicy but didn't have that same balance of flavors. I think it needed something creamy and something sweet too.

Onion rings with aioli

The onion rings were fairly standard - nice, golden and crunchy. Marc got a dipping sauce with it but I couldn't even tell what the sauce was supposed to be. Possibly herb aioli? It didn't have much flavor anyway.

Since we tried Snag Stand, I've been fantasizing about hot dogs almost constantly. It makes me curse the necessity of healthy/clean eating and wish I could try a different one every night. Why does naughty food have to be so damn delicious?!
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  1. I've been getting the American Classic for the past few lunches, it's amazing and I would highly highly recommend trying it!!!

  2. Hi Dave...

    We were thinking about trying that one! I want to try them all