Monday, January 7, 2013

Treat Frozen Yoghurt

Treat Frozen Yoghurt

After our lunch at Noodle Haus, my parents and I wandered around Westfield Carindale to make the most of our dramatic parking spot (we were on our way home after circling the parking lot for half an hour with no luck when bam, a car reversed out right in front of us... and dad honed in, but not without competition from another car trying to get in through the front!) I spotted Treat Frozen Yoghurt and recalled a recommendation from C at Brisbane Devoured to try it.

Froyo is one of my favorite things to consume, like, ever! There's nothing more refreshing in summer and it's so delicious that I'm often in the mood even in the winter months. I have had many fond memories slurping up Yogenfruz in the city when I did uni there. That franchize has unfortunately closed down but I feel reassured that there are other froyo establishments around.

Treat is a bit different to most previous froyo vendors that I've been to. The concept behind it is that it's self-serve. There are a number of yoghurt dispensers, each a different flavor. You take your bowl at one end of the store, squeeze in as much frozen yoghurt as you like, of whichever flavors that you like and progress to the topping counter. I went for the original and the coconut flavors.

There are all the usual yoghurt toppings including fruit, confectionary, muesli and sauces. I only like fruit on my froyo so I piled on some fresh strawberries and watermelon.

At the end of the line, your creation is weighed and priced accordingly. It ended up being a lot dearer than I expected. I consumed $10 of frozen yoghurt that day! Wowzers. Granted that my bowl was quite hefty... but still, I'm sure this is more expensive than other places. I guess it's incentive not to go crazy like I did :D.

My creation

The frozen yoghurt itself was delicious. The original flavor was like soft serve Yakult, which I love. It was slightly too sweet for my liking but not too bad. The coconut one was surprisingly good.

I'm really glad that Treat is around to make frozen yoghurt available to a fanatic like myself. I can only hope that rather than disappearing like Yogenfruz, it branches out and thrives.
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  1. YES! i am such a regular here, I have filled up two cards already (the buy 10 get one free type).
    There is a new branch of Treat that has opened recently in the city now too.