Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sushi and Skewer Buffet at 2012 Cyber City

2012 Cyber City
245 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Byron recommended this place to me in passing, a couple of weeks ago. He was a regular at 2002 Cyber City and was mighty excited to discover that the owner had opened up another restaurant behind it. It took me a while to figure out exactly what he meant... whether 2012 had replaced 2002, whether it was another of the same restaurant in a different location etc.

It turns out that 2012 Cyber City is right near 2002, only you enter from Brunswick instead of Wickham. The style of restaurant and cuisine offered is totally different. Whilst 2002 is very casual and has Chinese cheap eats, 2012 looks flasher and offers Korean BBQ and sushi. There's also a swanky-looking bar near the entrance that made Marc stop and think "are we underdressed?" before he spotted a guy inside wearing a singlet and realizing they had no dress code.

There is an ala carte menu, or you can choose from 3 styles of all-you-can-eat. The simplest allows a selection of unlimited skewers. The next level up includes sushi as well. The premium choice also includes other meat. The notion of unlimited BBQ skewers appealed to my goal of increasing protein intake over the weekends (to counter my current self-diagnosis of being anaemic) and Marc loves sushi so we settled for option 2.

Supersized pina colada

The drinks menu offered some cheapies. Marc went for a jug of Asahi and I chose a pina colada from the cocktail list after the owner assured me that they were massive. It was indeed a huge glass! This one cocktail lasted me the entire meal and satisfied drink + dessert cravings in one.

When ordering sushi and skewers, we perused the menus and wrote what we wanted onto a form. That's then taken to the kitchen and at any time we wanted more, another form was filled out.

Dipping sauces and soy sauce

There was a clean, non-stick hotplate in the centre of our table for cooking the skewers and we were giving some dipping sauces (teriyaki, korean spicy and satay) plus soy for our sushi.

First round of skewers

We chose a variety to start with then ordered more of the ones we enjoyed most. They were all pretty good.

More skewers

Most of the skewers were a variation of different meat (chicken, beef or pork) with a few options of flavoring (e.g. cumin, spicy or satay). Marc liked the spicy beef skewers but I found them too spicy for myself (I'm becoming a chili wuss).

First round of sushi

We chose 2 of every style of sushi we wanted and they were brought out on a plate. Our favorites were the seared salmon ones. Delicious!

More sushi

The sushi were all quite fresh and tasty, with an adequate variety to chose from to not get boring. We must have devoured so much seared salmon that night... amongst a multitude of other things.

I really enjoyed eating at 2012 Cyber City. It was quiet when we were there, which is a shame, because the owners were so helpful and lovely. The food was yum and plentiful and we definitely ate our fill. Marc thought this would be a great place for a birthday party because of the bar, and the fact that all-you-can-eat prices are capped and uncomplicated.
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  1. Looks good, will have to check it out sometime. Adding it to my MASSIVE "to eat at" list.

  2. Do you remember the prices for the different levels of all you can eat?

  3. Hi quop...

    Skewers only was $20. Sushi and skewers was 30 something and next one up was 40something or 50.

  4. LOve the Blog, so cooool. Mate, can you tell me what camera you use for your photos. THEY ARE AMAZING. I started off my own blog in November and would love any tips on photos