Thursday, May 29, 2014

Melb in May 3 - Breakfast at Bowery to Williamsburg

Bowery to Williamsburg
16 Oliver Lane, Melbourne CBD

You would think that a big, satisfying dinner would leave me unenthused about breakfast the next day. I had a lovely, filling seafood meal at Claypots on Friday night and woke up starving on Saturday morning. If ever there was evidence that eating big quantities of food makes you want to eat more all the time, this would be it. I was so hungry that my persistent nagging forced Marc out of bed and out for breakfast with me, even though this is something he hates to do.

By the time Marc was finally ready to leave, I had already researched and mapped out the best and closest destination that would be open at the time. I chose Bowery to Williamsburg because it was a convenient stroll from our hotel. The cafe is located in a tiny alley called Oliver Lane, which is literally blink-and-you-miss-it. Typical Melbourne laneway culture.

Marc and I got stung by the crazy weather situation a few times during our stay. Either we would leave our jackets at home because it looked sunny and end up freezing outside, or we would rug up and then have to cary all our excess clothing because it was too hot. This was one of the former cases and I was shivering under my scarf. Despite this, I opted for an outdoor table because I love street watching when I'm a tourist. Our seats were shaded and chilly so hot drinks were called for. I nearly giggled out loud when a nearby local Melbournite exclaimed how nice the weather was; dude, if you think that was good I pity you.

Latte and cappucino

I don't think my coffee was the best I ever had but it honestly felt like a hug in a mug. This coffee very mild in flavour but I was in the mood for a light milky coffee and most of all, it warmed me from inside out.

The menu at Bowery to Williamsburg is delightful. It's New York deli style and the food is exactly what I like to eat. All the sandwiches sounded fabulous and I was jealous when Marc ordered one because I knew that meant I wasn't going to order one, for variety's sake for this blog. Call that dedication!

Meatball sandwich - with pok and beef poletini, tomato basil sugo and mozzarella, plus mac and cheese and pretzels

Marc's breakfast order was the meatball sub 'plus sides'. The options for sides was either a salad or mac and cheese (no prize or guessing what he went for), a pickle and pretzels. If anyone doubts that this combination suits breakfast time, I will confirm that meatball sub with mac and cheese is far superior than any egg on toast combination. It looked amazing when it was brought out. The mac and cheese needed seasoning but I thought it was much better than the appalling version at Southside Diner. The pretzels were round. That is all I'll say about that since I didn't actually get to eat any. I stole a meatball that dropped out of the bun and it was quite tasty. Just look at all that oozy cheese...

Shakshouka eggs - with hot smoked salmon, tomatillo charred corn, coriander and pepper salsa

My pick for the morning was much more subdued because I knew I had a lunch date not long after. I went for the shakshouka eggs (neither myself or the waiter knew how to pronounce this) with hot smoked salmon. I've had enough brunch meals now that plain eggs don't excite me. Adding salmon and corn salsa to the mix does wonders to lift the dish. I was hesitant about the pita chips at first because they didn't look as user friendly as plain old bread for the purpose of dipping into the eggs, but they were really yummy. I did get egg and sauce all over my fingers but I am to the first to admit I am the world's messiest eater.

I really enjoyed the style of food at Bowery to Williamsburg. It's soul food without the heaviness. I would have preferred all the food in a sunnier setting but that's just because I'm a Queensland girl. My pick to return for is sandwiches; the crab version sounded particularly appetising.
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