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Tukka for Lunch

Tukka Restaurant

This post should have been uploaded sometime in March but I've been dining out so infrequently I just forgot about this blog, including the stuff I had half-ready to go. I have a sparse piece of history with Tukka. It was one of my first 'fine dining' experiences from the days I was a little baby. My grandparents were facinated by the native menu and I remember the food was tasty and the whole experience was enjoyable.

Tukka's quirk is that they present native Australian ingredients for a refined palate. Just imagine kangaroo, emu, crocodile, wattle seeds and more, arranged in pretty, elegant and tasty dishes.

I spotted a lunch deal online one day and decided it would be a nice opportunity to try Tukka again in my adult life. Marc and I made a booking for Sunday lunch. Interestingly, we were seated in the same area I remember sitting as a kid. There's sort of an alleyway section to the side of the building that has a neat classy/outdoor vibe.

Our lunch special comprised of mains plus either sides or dessert. I was dying to go to Max Brenners for dessert so we went with sides instead. The fast lunch menu had many interesting options.

Zucchini soup

We were given some complimentary zucchini soup tasters. I'm not a fan of cold soup but these did have a really nice, mild flavour.

Kangaroo steak sandwich - served on sourdough roll with a beetroot relish, roquette and wholegrain  mustard mayo, asiago cheese, served with rosemary salted kipfler potatoes

I went with the kangaroo steak sandwich. It was nice and tender without much of the kangaroo gaminess that sometimes puts me off eating it. Having said that, it was distinctly different to our familiar, everyday chicken/beef flavours. The tangy beetroot relish and creamy sauce was a nice compliment. What I really enjoyed was the roast potatoes. They were crunchy on the outside and had a beautiful, rustic earthiness.

Spiced emu burger - on a stockman roll, with caramelised onions, quandong tomato chutney, served with rosemary kipfler potatoes

Marc tried the emu burger. I had a taste and like the kangaroo, it was very obviously NOT chicken or beef. I don't know how to explain the taste of emu... perhaps think roast turkey and take it a bit further. The good thing is that in burger form, it's fairly easy to accept.

Lilly pilly, macadamia and bunya nut salad

Our sides included green beans with cured meat and a lilly pilly, macadamia and bunya nut salad. I'm sort of so so about salad in any case if I have other, more interesting components to focus on (such as roast potatoes) but this salad didn't do it for me. It also had some strange bits and pieces that were fun to try and detangle but aside from that, I left it for Marc.

Green beens

The green beans were cooked nicely and the cured meat (I've forgotten exactly what it was) added a bit of fun to the mix. There's no surer bet to get a couple of carnivores interested in greens than to add something resembling bacon.

I definitely recommend everyone try Tukka at least once. This applies to local Brisbanites and tourists to Australia. While I'm sure that the idea of eating Skippy might seem abhorrent to some, if you have an open mind, it's a great way to try a taste of Australia's native flora and fauna. The environment is pleasant and the staff are professional without bordering on snooty. We enjoyed both our meals but I do wish there was more of it.
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