Sunday, May 25, 2014

Melbourne in May

The city of food and friends...

My lack of travelling this year is driving me nuts! I can't be the only who uses holidays as milestones for the year. How many of you guys keep telling yourselves "Only 3 months until Africa" (for example) to bait your soul after a long, tedious week? Having something to look forward to makes the bad parts of life bearable.

Because Marc and I are planning a big trip next year (not quite as big as 3 months in Europe but still big), we are making sacrifices this year to save, save, save. It all got so boring for me that I desperately searched for some interstate CPD courses I could do as an excuse for some 'light' travelling. A couple of my closest friends (shoutout to Howl and Mochi xoxo) have fled to Melbourne so that's where I aimed to go. Luckily I found something interesting that spanned across 2 days and thus, gave me a reason to book a long weekend away.
I didn't aim to make this trip a gourmet holiday but because Melbourne is such a tasty city, I couldn't avoid consuming delicious food. We touched on some of Melbourne's old familiar vendors, new establishments, hype-heavy favourites and lesser known food havens over our short stay.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

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