Saturday, June 7, 2014

Domino's New Brekky Pizza

Domino's All Day Breakfast Pizza 

I've long thought of breakfast as my favourite meal of the day. It's not that I enjoy getting up early in the mornings, much the opposite, but the types of food represented on breakfast menus just seem yummier. Who doesn't like the thought of crispy bacon and eggs? What about pancakes, waffles, creamy avocado and salmon? Because breakfast and brunch is intended to kick off the day, it's packed with nourishing, homely and warming ingredients to give us that boost we need. Nowadays, with life being so hectic it's no wonder that many cafes are offering all day breakfast menus. We don't just need an energy boost first thing in the morning, we crave it constantly.

Domino's Pizza had recently jumped on board with the consumer demand for breakfasty ingredients by creating a new All Day Aussie Breakfast Pizza. As the ad shows, the premise is extremely appealing. Just picture seasoned scrambled eggs, crispy rasher bacon and smoky barbecue sauce all presented in easy to grab pizza slices.

I was given a sample of this new Breakkie pizza by Domino's to try, plus a couple of desserts.

Breaking all the rules and epitomising what all day breakfast is about, I had my breakfast pizza for dinner. It was Friday night after a busy week of work and if that's not an excuse to indulge in bacon at dinnertime then I don't know what is.

All Day Breakfast Pizza close-up

The Breakkie pizza is presented like a conventional pizza with the difference being the toppings. As described, there was an abundance of bacon and egg giving no doubt as to the theme of the pizza.

I loved the large bacon pieces which were much more satisfying than the tiny little bacon bits that many other pizzas carry. The smoky barbecue sauce was also a tasty addition. It's what I use myself when I make bacon sandwiches at home so this was very much to my liking. What surprised me was the chunks of sweet onion. I normally am indifferent to onion on pizza but in this case, it definitely lifted the flavours. I was less impressed with the egg component of the pizza. I guess there is an inherent difficulty in presenting egg on fast food because it needs to be precooked in some manner. The result is a tad dry and rubbery. Mind you, I did still finish half a pizza in one sitting.

Belgian choc lava cake

The chocolate lava cake was delightful though. I have ordered Chinese takeaway fried ice-cream delivered to my door before and being a hot/cold dessert, it didn't travel well.

Gooey center 

This didn't suffer the same fate at all and when cut open, a fudgy pool of chocolate oozed irresistibly from its center. I intended to have just one bite but at second glance, the whole thing had been devoured. I finished this in a chocolate trance!

Salted caramel chocolate mousse

I liked the chocolate mousse as well but was too chocolate-OD'd to finish this one (thank goodness). It was a smooth, creamy and lushly chocolate offering that didn't really need the salted caramel component to make it good.

All in all, it's nice to see Domino's meeting current trends in eating. I'm not sold on the egg but the other elements were good. As an aside, if you haven't yet tried their dessert, definitely get your hands on some.

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