Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Take the Pizza Caper's INFERNO CHALLENGE

Pizza Capers New Inferno Range

I was super excited when Pizza Capers contacted me to try their new Inferno range. There are a couple of squee-worthy factors in play here. First off, Marc and I love Pizza Capers and it's our go-to gourmet pizza order. When Pizza Capers started offering delivery services, I was over the moon because this catered to my dual weaknesses of gluttony and laziness. Secondly, we love spicy food.

A fun form to see if you can take the heat

It's been a disappointing fact of living in Australia that people seem to be put off by chilli in their meals. Obviously, I'm not speaking for everyone but growing up, there was a distinct lack of spicy fast food options. More recently the likes of Nandos and Guzman Y Gomez have brought more lively taste bud options to the fast food circuit. I, for one, find this a very welcome change.

Chipotle pulled pork pizza

It is thus refreshing to see Pizza Capers embracing this market demand and creating a series of mouth-watering new products. First in the Inferno Range are the pizzas themselves. There are two new flavours that sound equally amazing with the chipotle pulled pork pizza first catching my eye. I have a weakness for pulled pork on pizza and it was a winner in every way on this pizza. The pork itself was quite tender and very abundant. It went perfectly well with the smoked peppers and sour adobo sauce.

Chimichanga chorizo and prawn pizza

The prawn and chorizo pizza invoked a Spanish theme with its combination of toppings. The prawns were surprisingly large and like the pork, plentiful. The chorizo was full of flavour and there was a good smattering of vegetables present too. It was another tasty pizza but for me the pork was a clear favourite.

Inferno wings

The first of our sides were the Inferno wings. They were cute, little wings with a well-penetrated marinade and sticky exterior. On their own I didn't think they were too spicy but the Tabasco sorted that out.

Spicy corn empanadas

I was intrigued by the spicy corn empanadas because I haven't tasted something like this from Pizza Capers before. The filling contains an almost salsa-like mix with whole corn kernals and chunky beans. Again, it was fairly unspicy on its own (by my standards) and after a while, I started brainstorming what was missing. Then it clicked that I had seen these empanadas advertised with a chipotle mayonnaise dip but we weren't provided any. I made up for this oversight with my own spicy mayo concoction and this made a HUGE difference. Because the empanadas are a tad dry, they really need that dipping sauce.

Infant Tabasco bottles

I'll now get to what you have probably been wondering about: these tiny Tabasco bottles. Are they not the cutest things in the world? These came with our feast and I used the stuff courageously... huge dashes on EVERYTHING. My slices and wings were soaked with Tabasco. It was borderline torture to eat but delicious, irresistible torture. I ended up with a burnt mouth but I couldn't have been happier. I never really 'got' the appeal of Tabasco before but now I can see why it's a staple tabletop item in America.

In summary, the new Inferno range at Pizza Capers was right up my alley. I liked the pulled pork pizza best, followed by the side of wings. Tabasco drizzled on top is an absolute must. I think that this is the perfect movie night food for us and we even ended up with plenty of leftovers for the next day.

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