Sunday, June 15, 2014

Morrison Hotel for Dinner

Morrison Hotel

Leading up to my jaw surgery (i.e. 4 weeks of eating mush), I've got a bit of a 'bucket list' of food going. What it's supposed to be is a chance to chew some delicious food before I can't chew anymore. What it's actually become is an excuse for me to eat junk food non-stop and plan daily meals out. Fatty habits aside, a good steak was definitely on my bucket list so I was glad when Howl suggested this for dinner last Sunday night.

I'd driven past The Morrison many times before and could hardly fail to notice its claim for best steak in Brisbane. I know that any restaurant can make such a statement but I must say it's a marketing ploy that has some effect on me. I was definitely intrigued.

We got there around 7 on Sunday night (of the Queens Birthday long weekend) and I'm glad my friends had booked a table because as our meal progressed, I could see that the queue to get in was continuous. I even had a nasty cackle at myself when I glanced up to see a row of hungry, disgruntled faces waiting to be seated.

The menu at The Morrison contains a specialised page for steaks plus all the usual pub meals and sides. I noticed some interesting options like 'seafood kebab' that I was also considering. I ended up going for a piece of wagyu because our other friend recommended it. Marc chose the chicken parmy.

Wagyu - with veggies, chips and mushroom sauce

My wagyu was served with a side of chips and veggies and a big dish of mushroom sauce. Just as a curious aside, when I entered The Morrison into Google Maps, it came up with a caption of 'modern mushroom sauce' next to its icon on the map. Maybe they're famous for their mushroom sauce? It was very yummy indeed with a gravy-like richness and lots of mushroom flavour. I liked that there was lots of it too. I almost always run out of sauce when I order steak because you don't just use it for your steak; you inevitably dip your chips in too. There was plenty of mushroom sauce here to go around.

Cut shot of wagyu

My wagyu itself was cooked perfectly to medium rare. The meat was very tender and not as fatty as some other wagyu cuts I've tried (view that as a good or bad thing) but still aromatic and juicy. I am really glad that it was this steak that made it on my bucket list. I won't comment too much on the veggies because that's all they were and I had much better things to focus my tastebuds on.

Chicken parmigiana - with wedges and garden salad

Marc's chicken parmigiana was huge. I like that because pub meals should be big. What's worst than seeing a tiny stingy schnitzel of chicken? This one was crispy and covered in tangy tomato sauce and molten cheese. He had a side of wedges and salad and kept using my mushroom sauce for his chips.

I was very pleased with my experience at The Morrison. I'm naturally skeptical about steak from pubs because more often than not, they are worst than what I can whip up on my bbq. The wagyu I tasted was a really good cut of meat and also cooked to my liking. Service got a bit hectic at one point but we it wasn't enough to distract from my meal.
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