Sunday, June 8, 2014

Laksa Hut for Dinner

Laksa Hut
27 Station Road, Indooroopilly

I've visited Indooroopilly shopping centre twice in the past week, which is more than I have done so in the past 5+ years. It certainly has changed a lot with all the renovations they're doing. My first meal there was at Oliver and Co for lunch on my lonesome. This time, Marc and I were planning to have dinner at Harajuku Gyoza but we were quoted a 15-30 minute wait. 15 minutes is just doable for 30 minutes is more than I'm willing to wait to be seated and I just couldn't be bothered to take a gamble. We walked down the road to Laksa Hut instead.

I've eaten at Laksa Hut a number of times when it was located in Toowong. As a poor uni student studying at St Lucia campus, it was such a good meal stop. Cheap, large meals with fantastic flavours. Now, I'm pretty sure this is the same Laksa Hut in a new location but don't quote me on that.

Whatever the case, the menu seems more comprehensive than I recall. Besides variations of laksa, there are plenty of other Singaporean/Malaysian classics and honestly, all of them sounded good to me. Marc and I both went for laksa though, purely because it's their signature dish.

BBQ pork laksa

My pick was the barbecue pork laksa. Marc's was the combination version, which is basically the same but with more types of meat. I was pleased to see there was loads of meat in my laksa. The pork was that marinated type that's red in colour (char siu) and both myself and Marc are crazy over this stuff. Other components of the dish included fried tofu (great for soaking up the soup), bean sprouts and noodle.

Combination laksa

I was a little disappointed in the noodle because I remembered laksa noodles being thick and eggy. This was more like a thicker version of rice vermicelli, which was still nice and had a good bite to it but didn't absorb the flavours as well as egg noodles would have.

The soup itself was very good. It had the right balance of laksa spices with creamy coconut and a slight fish sauce pungency. I was full half way through but managed to finish the whole dish because it was so moreish. On a cold night, laksa is your friend.

We both ordered some taro milk tea to wash down our meals. I like getting bubble tea whenever I eat something as flavoursome as laksa because it provides a nice contrast to all the savoury tones. This taro milk tea was clearly just a powder plus milk creation but it did the trick.

I liked the food at Laksa Hut and am pleased to report they are very generous serves for decent prices. I would love to go back and try some of their other dishes. We were seated right by the road and had a hard time getting the attention of any waitstaff but once our order was placed, food arrived relatively quickly.
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  1. Yes moved from Toowong to Indooroopilly a few years ago now (around mid/late 2011 if I recall correctly).