Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Getta Burger for Dinner

Getta Burger
1396 Creek Road, Cannon Hill

Over this past year, Marc and I have managed to transform our quiet 2 bed apartment into a animal-saturated family home. We've had our puppy Odin for just over a year now and this week, welcomed his new sister a balinese kitten by the name of Zaria.

The relevance of this is that pet-related situations lead me to first discover where Getta Burger was and to then try it out. Odin's obedience class was nearby and when we drove past Getta Burger one day, I realised it sounded familiar because I had heard it mentioned on The Urban List. We arranged to eat there last Saturday, on the way to pick Zaria up.

Getta Burger (combined with That Coffee Joint) is the brick and mortar establishment run by the masterminds behind That BBQ Joint food truck. This is where you can guarantee some satisfaction for your burger craving without having to chase a van around town. The shop front is small but there are a couple of cute searing options available. We noticed that most people got takeaway. The shopping plaza it's located in is small but very, very busy.

On this visit, Marc and I chose a burger each and a side of chili salt fries to share.

The first thing we noticed was the generous serving sizes. Burger joints are something of a trend at the moment and whilst there are plenty of tasty new venues, sad to say some will dish out gourmet fillings at the expense of size, and you end up desperately wanting more (which may be what they're going for). This is definitely not the case at Getta Burger where the burgers are literally a challenge even to hold.

The Getta Burger

My pick of the evening was The Getta Burger. It contained a large, juicy homemade pattie, salad and tomato relish. The first couple of bites were a bit dry because I only got tastes of bun and meat. When I managed to get sauce and salad all in one hit, it was a very tasty combination.

Bite shot of my burger

I would have still preferred more sauce overall though, because I love saucy oozy burgers. The bun here was a standard sesame seed bun, which I don't mind, but brioche fanatics might be disappointed.

Getta Boss burger

Marc's Getta Boss burger was even bigger than mine. He ate it in stages, breaking up each portion with a handful of chips and some sips of water. I doubt anyone can still be hungry after this burger. I tried a bit and really enjoyed the smokiness of the brisket. I liked the tang of pickles and jalepenos that cut through the meaty elements. I read some negative reviews online stating the brisket was too greasy but I didn't find that to be the case on our visit.

Chili salt fries

Not to be outshone by the burgers, the chili salt fries were delicious. They were fresh and hot and crispy without being greasy. The flavoured seasoning was right up my alley and had a chili twang without excess heat. If only we had bought a tub of aioli extra that would've been even better.

We were very satisfied after our huge burger meal at Getta Burger. The burgers didn't win the title of absolute tastiest I've ever had but they were fresh and filling. I would say they're more like a good homemade burger than an 'outside' burger but there's a nourishing quality to that. The chili chips were great and I liked also the fitout of the joint.
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