Friday, November 28, 2014

Midam Revisited for Korean BBQ

Midam for Korean BBQ
Pinelands Plaza, 3/21 Farne St, Sunnybank Hills

A month or so ago my daily diet seemed to consist of Korean BBQ. I even got my family involved and convinced my grandpa to give it a try. We originally wanted to go to Hong Depot but it was closed for lunch on Sunday so we went to Midam instead. I actually previously visited Midam with those same grandparents not that long ago but that was for regular dishes so I thought I'd write a separate post for our BBQ experience.

Complimentary sides and salad

Midam has a few BBQ set options and we chose the combination beef and pork for more variety. I also selected a bunch of starters and sides to mix things up a bit.

 Seafood pancake

The seafood pancake here was very well received. It wasn't the crispy type but it had plenty of seafood that made each bite super flavoursome. My dad in particular really enjoyed this dish.

We also ordered some fried dumplings. These were as you'd expect from fried dumplings: hot and crispy. They did the job but weren't anything to write home about. So much so that I forgot to take a photo of them.

Wagyu beef tartare

I was curious about the wagyu tartare because I don't often see it on Korean restaurant menus. We had something similar at the last visit to Midam, in that grandpa and I ordered the raw wagyu bibimbap.

Wagyu tartare mixed up

This dish had similarly tender raw beef but it was lacking in flavour. A tart vinaigrette or ponzu dressing would have brought everything together nicely.

Wagyu beef and pork belly (in background)

As for the actual BBQ component of our lunch, we all thought the beef cuts were delicious. The wagyu pieces in particular were sinfully fatty but so juicy and flavoursome, with the charcoal grilling giving it that touch of smokiness. I was disappointed withe pork cuts because I was picturing marinated pork but it was just pieces of fatty pork that ended up quite tough after cooking. I guess this is my own fault for not reading the menu properly but why anyone would want to eat plain pork cooked on a grill is beyond me.

Sizzle sizzle

We were concerned that there wasn't enough vegetables in this meal but the BBQ came with a complimentary garden salad. This was actually very fresh and tasty and really helped to cut through the protein overload.

I was so preoccupied with the meat that I forgot I had ordered noodles. Japchae is something I love to have through summer because it's simple and cool. It's basically mixed sweet potato noodles with veggies and sauce. Even though we were really full from the BBQ, I found room for this dish because the sauce was mixed well.

Midam remains one of the better Korean restauants in Brisbane for decor and atmosphere. The menu is just so comprehensive. With the exception of the pork component of our BBQ platter, I thoroughly enjoyed everything we ate. The wagyu tartare needed a bit more seasoning and flavour but the wagyu on the grill was simply divine.

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