Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sorellina for Pizza

Sorellina Pizzeria

Sorry about the recent lack of blog posts. It's such a ridiculously busy time of the year; add on the fact that I've had some short overseas trips dotted here and there and I just can't find the time/energy to blog. As of today, I've just gotten back from a week in Fiji and I'm tired and sunburnt and finding it hard to cope with Brissie heat. Before Fiji, I spent a week in Shanghai with my parents.

It was a short 6 day blitz through my hometown with first priority to visit my grandparents but second priority to eat. My mum and dad came with me and we covered all sorts of local Shanghainese and pan-chinese dishes. As a result, by the time I arrived back in Australia, I was craving western food very, very much. The thing I decided was most opposite to fried dumplings and stir-fries and the like was Italian food. Specifically, pizza.

Monday evening beer

Last time I tried to visit Sorellina with Hien, we discovered it's closed on Mondays and Tuesday's and had to go to Crosstown instead. This time it was Thursday night so we decided to give it another shot. Normally, parking in this complex is tough but a storm was blowing through Brisbane that night so I suspect that deterred patrons. Both Hien and I got a park very close to the restaurant.

Sorrelina is primarily a pizzeria but it also offers some starters and sides to add interest to your meal. We decided on some mozzarella sticks to start with, plus a pizza and salad to share.

Crumbed mozzarella sticks with tomato sauce

The mozzarella sticks were just delightful. They were crumbed and crunchy on the outside and oozy and melty on the inside.

Bite shot of mozzarella stick

The tomato dipping sauce was just perfect too. It was sweet and slightly tangy, which balanced the cheesiness.

Hot salami, olives, oregano and mozzarella

For our pizza, we chose the hot pepperoni. I can gladly report to spice lovers that the pepperoni did have a bit of best to it. The pizza base was perfectly thin crunchy and chewy in the middle. I did feel that there was something lacking, maybe saltiness, in the sauce.

Chickpeas - with tuscan kale, cumin and apple cider vinegar

A surprise standout was the chickpea and kale salad. I wasn't expecting anything too exciting but it turned out to be delicious. There was a zesty vinegar dressing that brought everything together and made it so moreish.

Smoked panna cotta with strawberry jam (back) and peanut butter choc chip cookies (front)

We ended our meal on a sweet note by ordering a couple of desserts. Hien's was the smoked panna cotta which had a distinct smokey flavour, nicely offset by the sweet and tangy berry topping.

My pick for dessert was the peanut butter and choc chip cookies. These were served soft and warm with the chocolate molten inside. I thought they were delicious but Hien found them a bit too rich.

We had a great meal at Sorellina. I liked everything I ate and found the service to be efficient too. This is a great spot for pizza and drinks.
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