Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Crosstown Revisited for Dinner

The Crosstown for Dinner

In what feels like a lifetime ago, I had breakfast at Crosstown with Kat and experienced one of the best french toasts of my life. Fast forward 2 years (which doesn't sound that long chronologically but a lot can happen in that period) and I got to revisit and try their dinner menu.

Hien and I were originally planning to go to Sorellina but due to my lazy non-existent research skills, we didn't realise they were closed on Monday, which is when we went. Instead of being left starving and sad, we decided to head a few shops down and entered Crosstown.

Lychee cooler

Drinks were ordered to start with. I tried the lychee cooler which was described as "almost like a pina colada" on the menu. I actually thought it was much nicer than a pina colada, which I can find sickeningly sweet and rich. This cocktail was much more refreshing and had a distinct lychee flavour without being too sweet.

Pork and salted cod croquettes

For a starter, we shared some pork and salted cod croquettes, which was a daily special to replace the crumbed olives that were sold out. These were exactly as I expected them to be, with a lovely crunchy crumb coating that managed not to be too greasy. The filling was flavoursome and not too fishy. It also came with a thick, creamy mayo dipping sauce.

Spatchcock two ways - with smokey creamed corn, buttered kale and lyonnaise

Hien's main for the night was the spatchcock two ways. He commented that it was cooked really well and of the 'two ways', he preferred the crunchy version. Even though this dish looked quite small, he ended up satisfied. The creamed corn was a standout too.

Market fish - with asparagus, celeriac puree and pico de gallo

I was trying to maintain my health kick that week so I ordered the fish as my main. I'm terrible with fish types so I can't remember what the market special was but it was a white fillet and cooked nice and tender. The celariac puree was very smooth and went well with the fish.  I wasn't a huge fan of the asparagus but that's probably because I don't enjoy asparagus in general.

It was nice to revisit Crosstown in a different setting. I would have thought the renovated old building vibe would have only worked for daytime charm but it's also quite nice dinnertime. I sat in the exact same window seat on both occasions. The food made a greater impression on me during my breakfast visit; but then again, not much can top that french toast.

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