Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Espressohead for Breakfast

169 Boundary St, West End

Breakfast posts get me excited. As well as being my favorite meal of the day, breakfast food photos always turn out amazing because of the morning lighting. I heard excellent things about the quality and serving size of breakfast at Espressohead.

The cafe spans across 2 small shopfronts on Boundary St. The decor is casual and artsy - great atmosphere for coffee and chatting. We ordered beverages first. My friend got a cappucino and I ordered an unsweetened iced coffee with soy milk (my new usual cold coffee choice).


I can't comment on the cappuccino but the iced coffee was delicious.

Iced coffee with soy milk

I know coffee with soy milk is not for everyone (in fact, I hated it on first taste) but this is a combination that really grew on me after trying it at Espressohead.

Canadian breakfast

The Canadian breakfast was HUGE. I'm talking about 2 slices of toast, 2 hash browns, 2 poached eggs, 2 pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. This is something that can definitely be shared. It isn't at all necessary for me to reiterate my love for bacon with maple syrup. I heart this combination. Breakfast that pulls no punches.

Eggs benedict with Turkish bread, spinach and smoked salmon

I ordered the eggs benedict with smoked salmon. It was absolutely delicious.

Egg yolk river

The hollandaise was faultlessly smooth and creamy and tasted like heaven coupled with salmon and wilted spinach. It sure was a filling meal but I managed without remorse.

Service at Espressohead was very friendly. We didn't realize they were cash only so we had to go to the ATM for cash-out. The girl at the counter was trusting enough to let us both leave the cafe but I insisted on leaving a deposit. The breakfasts aren't the cheapest around but servings are huge and they really hit the spot. Espressohead doesn't have the fanciest breakfast on the block but they're done well. I enjoyed my experience and recommend this cafe.

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