Thursday, December 10, 2009

Summer Daze - giant ice-cream juice and sky watching

I've been so dizzy with heat, I can barely move. I realize that I seem to be whinging about heat in every post but that can't be helped! High temperature stickiness is bringing out the inner nag. In this post, I plan to introduce you to something that helps me enjoy Summer.

On days when the idea of an icy beverage in a glass frosty with condensation beats the idea of a steak 1000 to 1, this is for you...

The back story to this creation is that one Saturday night, my neighbor drove to his mates house for drinks and left his car there. Everyone ended up in the Valley that night and so the next morning when we got home, we were brainstorming what to eat before we realized we had no car to get anywhere.

The ensuing journey to retrieve this vehicle ended up being a lot longer than anticipated. Along the way, we stopped off at Coles to get a cold drink. This is all good and fair but what we walked out with was: me + a tub of bircher muesli and him + a 2L carton of Mildura coconut and pineapple juice.

There we were trudging up and down the hills of St Lucia under the peak intensity of sunlight, spooning yogurt and sipping from a 2L carton. Guys, this is what people with no uni and no jobs get up to.

I had never tried Mildura before but if you, like me, are a fan of pina coladas, this is the flavor for YOU. We had heaps left post-journey so we came up with the idea of making tropical ice-cream frappes.

The original plan was to blend together some ice and juice before topping with ice-cream but since a quick rummage of the sharehouse pantry revealed no blender, we compromised by putting together glasses of Mildura 'on ice' with scoops of ice-cream stirred through.

When I say 'glasses', I use the term very loosely because my friend actually used a flower vase. It was so amusing that I took a few happy snaps, the result of which are on this post.

In comparison, this is my innocent little ice-cream juice. Oh, I know ice-cream juice is probably not the most appropriate literal description but it sounds so cute! It creates an image in my mind of an ice-cream fruit being juiced... now, I know ice-cream fruit don't exist but we can all dream, can't we?

I leave you with this photo I snapped heading out of my house from the front veranda. Usually, I don't bother taking photos of scenery because my camera is so unprofessional, nothing turns out like what I see before me. This one looks alright I guess. If you mentally erase the power lines, it almost looks like a tropical jungle.

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