Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Brunch Post

The Brunch Post

I will sooner sound like a broken tape recorder than stop reminding you all of how much I love breakfast food. Yes, yes, I harp on about it every time I go to a cafe that offers all day breakfast. Yes, you all know that my idea of food heaven is Canadian-style french toast (puffed, eggy bread, crisp bacon and perhaps even a grilled banana, drenched in top grade maple-syrup. KILL ME NOW).

It's a fact of life that proper, sit-down breakfasts are a thing of luxury. Over the previous holidays, I treated myself to some good ones and this post is a dedication to that.

1) Poached egg, grilled asparagus, wholegrain toast and sliced avocados

Eggs are great any way: fried, scrambled, omelet-form or, as it's done here, poached. I love runny poached eggs for dipping stuff into. Avocado on toast is absolutely delicious to me (especially with the addition of salt and pepper). Asparagus was a vegetable I dreaded eating as a child but it's grown on me in recent years.

2) Eggy bread, bacon and baked beans

What I actually did here was greased my sandwich press and simply cracked an egg onto my bread before pushing down the top grill. This is the lazy-person's version of French toast that whilst being nothing like the real deal, is still satisfying.

I have a secret fetish for baked beans. I like them cold or heated up but I can't stand anything that's poorly heated so that you get steamy hot portions interspersed with surprise cold bits. If it sounds like this happens to me a lot, it's because it does.

3) Fresh figs with natural yogurt, honey and cinnamon (had photos for these but they are such bad quality I don't want to upload).

I have a feeling I've done a rave about fresh figs before. When I first tried them, they were the weirdest, most exotic fruit I've ever tasted. I had a fig spree recently where I bought a punnet and ate them as is one after the other. Gee, that put me off figs for a while. Now, the idea of an unadorned fresh fig is unlikely to rouse my attention but I won't say no if it's accompanied by a bit of yogurt and honey.

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