Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cafe Mi

Cafe Mi
358 Mains Rd, Sunnybank

I was with my parents ordering contact lens in Sunnybank Plaza and we all got peckish and wanted a bite. Our usual field of exploration is Market Square so picking a food place elsewhere is deemed high risk. Mum and I had eaten at Cafe Mi before, a long, long time ago and recall it wasn't too bad so we decided to give it another go.

Cafe Mi is another one of those fusion Hong Kong meets Western eateries that have huge menus covering everything from rice, noodles and BBQ meat to sandwiches, steaks and baked pasta. It is located near the Sunnybank cinemas.

We ordered a dish each. I was the only one who opted for a 'non-traditional' item. My mother liked the fact that the kitchen was open and visible.

Fish congee

The food took a bit longer than I would like from an eatery. Mum's congee arrived first. The texture wasn't too bad and there were quite a few pieces of fish but the congee seemed far less intricate than the ones at say, Little Hong Kong.

Deep-fried pork cutlet with soup noodles

Dad had chosen a crispy pork fillet with noodles. The pork fillet itself was tasty - really crisp and golden and you could tell it was freshly fried and served, as opposed to greasy take-away food that sits for ages. The noodles on the other hand were hardly better than instant noodles sitting in a MSG stock.

Chicken and mushroom omelet

The omelet I ordered came with a small potato salad side which my parents really liked (so much so that they decided to make their own potato salad the following week).

Omelet close-up

The omelet itself is a generous serving and has plenty of chicken as well as a dollop of mayo to compliment. I thought the omelet was pretty good but nothing you couldn't make at home. It was also a bit greasy.

Overall, we didn't have a great impression of Cafe Mi. It's prices are comparable to many superior eateries in Sunnybank or the city. Given the choice, I'd much rather Sunnybank Oriental, Newway or Little Hong Kong for similar food (but better quality).

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  1. I went there once for the afternoon tea: I had baked rice with wasabi cream and roast pork belly, it was really unique and very wasabi-y.

  2. Hi Bonnie! That sounds like such a strange dish! Did it taste good?

  3. It actually did taste pretty good, it was really special and the flavours were a interesting blend..

  4. your reviews are so tru so tru
    I eat there a lot...usually weekends because i have school but I've tasted nearly everything.

  5. Hi Anonymous...

    Wow so you've tried nearly everything on the menu? Any recs?