Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunday Breakfast at Fasta Pasta

Sunday Breakfast at Fasta Pasta
16 Old Cleveland Rd, Stones Corner

With my weeks being as hectic as they are, sleeping in has distinct rarity value. I snuck one late morning in last Sunday and it was fabulous. The only thing that got me out of bed was hunger.

These mornings, I've been having toast and instant coffee for breakfast and toast again for dinner. This has been continuing on regularly for about 2 weeks now. Economical as it may be, toast ceases to be exciting when ingested at this pace.

We decided to go out and search the streets for a better alternative.

Somewhere along the aimless walk, the topic of pasta came up. There was no real intention in having pasta for breakfast but when we walked past Fasta Pasta, a huge banner proclaiming 'Breakfast from $5.90' caught my eyes.

It was incentive enough to cross the road and investigate.

I've had actual pasta dishes at various Fasta Pasta locations around Brisbane. This post will not describe any of those experiences.

Fasta Pasta at Stones Corner has a nice interior. I was admiring the dark wood furnishings that managed to still look 'open' and bright.

You are supposed to sit and peruse the menu before ordering at the counter. We both knew what we wanted - which is THE $5.90 breakfast (everything else was 2 digits) plus beverages on the side. The waitress took a while to understand what I was saying but happily, we got there in the end.

There were a few tables of folks happily munching on food around us but it was no way rushed or hectic. It begs the question of why our breakfasts took a noticeable amount of time to be made. Or, perhaps we were just super hungry?

Flat white

I chose a coffee to wake me up. It was quite watery... not even as good as my mum's coffee made in her freebie low-tech coffee machine.

$5.90 bargain breakfast

When the breakfast plates arrived, I was quite pleased. They're not HUGE servings but whilst generous portions look appealing, I'm happy not to be exploding my stomach with artery clogging food material.

These breakfasts were simple: 2 poached eggs, bacon, hash brown and 1/2 slice of buttered toast. Good value and made pretty well. There are some hangover days where I want nothing more than greasy breakfast food. Normally though, I prefer my meal to be free from dripping lard. This succeeded in keeping it clean.


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  2. Wow, what a bargain. Thanks for the heads up.