Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Hours Tea Bar

Happy Hours Tea Bar
Shop 91, Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank

My parents and I did a hectic dash around Sunnybank last week. We had a list of chores to get through including picking up my contacts. This was an urgent matter because my slackness and lack of organization meant that I was up to my last pair of fortnightlys and literally needed new boxes ASAP.

Parking around Sunnybank can be stressful (*cough* Market Square, I'm thinking of you) so we tend to grab lunch near wherever it is we need to be. In this case, it was Sunnybank Plaza.

Dad was in the mood for beef rolls which to me, is a blast from the past. Back many years a go, my family used to grocery shop in Welcome and lunch on beef rolls from the adjacent Half Time Cafe. That cafe has now changed its name but they still serve similar food so I'm not sure of the conclusion to draw there...

In any case, we did go and dad did get his beef rolls. Mum and I ordered 2 lunch plates. They were dished out cafeteria-style where you get rice and you chose 1 meat dish and 3 veggie dishes and they ladle it out onto a large plate. Happy Hours also serves an assortment of buns, snacks, drinks etc. Great uni-student feed.

Beef rolls

The beef rolls are a roti-like pastry with braised beef, spring onion and sauce inside. They were really cheap too.

Beef roll cross-section

Kind of like a hybrid non-duck Peking wrap. They're greasy but very delicious and flavorsome.

Meatball lunch plate

The lunch plate I got had a rad meatball creation. I also chose some simple veggie sides. I particularly liked the eggplant. My favorite style of eggplant is braised, spicy and for want of a better word, 'mushy'. This stuff was ultimate in mushiness. Eggplant heaven.

Fish lunch plate

Mum's plate contained fish, which I avoided. She also had some picked vegetable dish that was way too sour for us to handle. Dad was joking that it wasn't sour from lemon or vinegar but that they just added straight acid to achieve that sourness. Actually he might not have been joking. I think that HE thought he was serious...

I think Happy Hours Tea Bar is a nice place for a really casual, unfussy and hearty meal. The style of food is homely and the prices are pretty good too.

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  1. i like that place! :D cheap and big serving :D
    p.s. miss ya lots!