Monday, June 14, 2010

Melbourne Day 2: Breakfast at Aix Cafe Creperie Salon

Aix Cafe Creperie Salon
24 Centre Pl, Melbourne CBD

Kat has 2 alarms set regularly for every morning.



This set-up baffles me. I'm the kind of person who fears alarms so much that by default, I wake up a convenient 10min earlier than whatever alarm I set, just so I can turn it off. There have been torturous occasions when I fail at the switch off and my alarm sounds anyway, despite my already waking up. This to me is just... the absolute worst way to start a day.

On the first morning of the trip though, I didn't mind at all. We had more time to sleep in but I bounded up, uber excited to find a breakfast place. Need I mention again that breakfast is my favorite type of food? I had short-listed a few breakfast places but on that morning, we decided we both wanted crepes so we were off to Aix Creperie, which I've heard delicious things about.

We ventured down from where we live (I'm too geographically inept to guess what direction it was) towards the river. Aix is located in a network of lanes and it was a treat for us just to walk through. I loved the hole-in-wall food stands (including a soup stand that reminded me of the Soup Nazi), graffitied walls and the ability to walk without worrying about cars running me over.

The cafe is tiny. The only reason we got a seat is that it was early on a Saturday morning and even so, as soon as we planted our bums, the place was filled. We ordered from an extensive sweet and savory crepe list on the wall, one each, along with some hot beverages.

Sticky date crepe with caramel sauce and double cream

My greatest challenge of the weekend was picking just ONE crepe. I was going for a Nutella combo and then spotted sticky date. STICKY DATE. End internal conflict. Sticky date = no contest.

Cut crepe

IT WAS DELICIOUS. Creme, date sauce, crisp crepes. I'll just mention now, at risk of sounding subhuman, that I don't like crepes that much as a whole. Maybe that's because I've been exposed to crappy crepes my whole life? This has converted me.

BLT crepe

My apologies - in my excitement over own crepe, I have completely ignored Katherine's choice. She went for a savory BLT crepe. She loved it and insisted I try. I tore myself away from my date crepe and decided that YES, BLT in crepe form is a win.


The crepes didn't take very long to come out. Coffee was great too. We totally enjoyed ourselves, gossiping/chatting/chilling. A recurrent feature of conversation was 'these crepes are goooood'.

Hot chocolate

This place already has a loyal clientele and it's a bit small so they probably don't need my online rave.



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